A Project Manager s Book of Forms

A Project Manager s Book of Forms Author Cynthia Snyder Stackpole
ISBN-10 9781118537435
Release 2013-01-28
Pages 240
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A compendium of ready-made forms for managing every project in line with the latest PMBOK® Guide—Fifth Edition This valuable companion to the Project Management Institute's A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK® Guide)—Fifth Edition presents a comprehensive and practical set of forms and reports that help project managers apply the concepts and practices described in the PMBOK® Guide. Designed specifically to assist both new and experienced project managers in handling all aspects of a project, this edition of A Project Manager's Book of Forms contains forms that cover all the process groups: initiating, planning, executing, monitoring and controlling, and closing. It also includes some forms not mentioned in the PMBOK® Guide, which you will find helpful in managing your project. Use the forms as a guide in collecting and organizing project information, or as a template for ensuring a set of consistent data on all projects. The forms can also be adopted on an organizational level to enable a repeatable approach to project management. Completely editable electronic versions of all the blank forms, in Microsoft Office–compatible format, are available on an accompanying website. You may use them as is or tailor them to your own needs. The PMBOK® Guide covers the processes for managing a project; this book gives you a handy road map of forms to use to make every project just a bit smoother from start to finish. (PMBOK is a registered marks of the Project Management Institute, Inc.)

A Project Manager s Book of Forms

A Project Manager s Book of Forms Author Cynthia Snyder
ISBN-10 9781119393986
Release 2017-10-23
Pages 272
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Essential project management forms aligned to the PMBOK® Guide—Sixth Edition A Project Manager's Book of Forms is an essential companion to the Project Management Institute's A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge. Packed with ready-made forms for managing every stage in any project, this book offers both new and experienced project managers an invaluable resource for thorough documentation and repeatable processes. Endorsed by PMI and aligned with the PMBOK® Guide, these forms cover all aspects of initiating, planning, executing, monitoring and controlling, and closing; each form can be used as-is directly from the book, or downloaded from the companion website and tailored to your project's unique needs. This new third edition has been updated to align with the newest PMBOK® Guide, and includes forms for agile, the PMI Talent Triangle, technical project management, leadership, strategic and business management, and more. The PMBOK® Guide is the primary reference for project management, and the final authority on best practices—but implementation can quickly become complex for new managers on large projects, or even experienced managers juggling multiple projects with multiple demands. This book helps you stay organized and on-track, helping you ensure thorough documentation throughout the project life cycle. Adopt PMI-endorsed forms for documenting every process group Customize each form to suit each project's specific needs Organize project data and implement a repeatable management process Streamline PMBOK® Guide implementation at any level of project management experience Instead of wasting time interpreting and translating the PMBOK® Guide to real-world application, allow PMI to do the work for you: A Project Manager's Book of Forms provides the PMBOK®-aligned forms you need to quickly and easily implement project management concepts and practices.

A User s Manual to the PMBOK Guide

A User s Manual to the PMBOK Guide Author Cynthia Snyder Stackpole
ISBN-10 9781118546604
Release 2013-01-30
Pages 320
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The must-have manual to understand and use the latest edition of the Fifth Edition The professional standard in the field of project management, A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK® Guide—Fifth Edition) published by the Project Management Institute (PMI®) serves as the ultimate resource for professionals and as a valuable studying and training device for students taking the PMP® Exam. A User's Manual to the PMBOK® Guide takes the next logical step to act as a true user's manual. With an accessible format and easy-to-understand language, it helps to not only distill essential information contained in the PMBOK® Guide—Fifth Edition, but also fills an educational gap by offering instruction on how to apply its various tools and techniques. This edition of the User's Manual: Defines each project management process in the PMBOK® Guide—Fifth Edition, describes the intent, and discusses the individual ITTOs (inputs, tools and techniques, and outputs) Features examples, handy tips, and sample forms to supplement learning Contains a data flow diagram of each process in the PMBOK® Guide—Fifth Edition to show how information is distributed Is updated to provide deeper coverage of stakeholder management and to include new processes for scope, schedule, cost, and stakeholder management The User's Manual enables you to put the PMBOK Guide—Fifth Edition to work on your projects. It will help you implement the processes described in the PMBOK Guide—Fifth Edition and apply the tools and techniques to help make your projects successful. Thorough in coverage and rich in content, it is a worthy companion to augment the important strategies laid out in the PMBOK® Guide—Fifth Edition, and the one book that aspiring or professional project managers should never be without. Fully updated to align with A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK® Guide)–Fifth Edition Describes how to apply tools and techniques for projects and how to create process outputs Presents information by process group Expands upon the PMBOK® Guide with information on the sponsor's role and planning loops Integrates and describes interpersonal skills into the process where they are identified (PMBOK, PMI, PMP and Project Management Professional are registered marks of the Project Management Institute, Inc.)

I Want to Be a Project Manager

I Want to Be a Project Manager Author Rodrigo Augusto
ISBN-10 1543184138
Release 2017-02-18
Pages 256
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This book speaks about one part of what I consider the Integrated Strategic Business, the Project Management. A modern Project Manager is much more than just a person who can look for a Gantt Chart, understand the scope and try his/her best to deliver on time. The Project Management discipline shall be part of the Business's Strategy, and this implies that a Project Manager is a strategist more than a "regular" manager.An overview of the most important academic's writers in Strategical Project Management field is part of this book as well my experience with practical examples.'I Want to Be A Project Manager' is a book for everyone interested in a sustainable strategy to achieve success in business. It's a book for Project Managers, Programme Managers, Entrepreneurs, , Managers and all types of roles that implies leadership. Project Manager Interview;Project Manager Book of Forms;

360 Derece Lider

360 Derece Lider Author John C. Maxwell
ISBN-10 9755991239
Release 2010-12-01
Pages 350
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360 Derece Lider has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from 360 Derece Lider also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full 360 Derece Lider book for free.

Leading IT Projects

Leading IT Projects Author Jessica Keyes
ISBN-10 1420070843
Release 2008-08-22
Pages 336
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Senior level IT managers are responsible for a wide variety of development projects. For the most part, these individual projects are handled by project managers. However, IT managers must be conversant in the field of project management. Additionally, they must understand the dynamics of managing the project manager and be familiar with the skill sets. Leading IT Projects: The IT Manager’s Guide provides a detailed roadmap for project success. The book provides information on the technical aspects of project management and also focuses on the human side of project management—leadership skills, team building, and promoting creativity. Overall, it facilitates an extensive understanding of the planning, monitoring, and control of the people, process, and events that occur as a computer system evolves from preliminary concept to operational implementation. Using ready-to-use forms and templates, this valuable resource enables you to increase productivity and ensures that projects come in on time and within budget.

Contracting for Project Management

Contracting for Project Management Author J Rodney Turner
ISBN-10 9781351948807
Release 2017-07-05
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In all but the smallest of projects the project sponsor inevitably has to buy in the goods and services of other suppliers. This requires people to make contracts so that they know the basis on which they are working with each other and to deal with any disagreements that subsequently arise. So a knowledge of contracting specifically for project management is essential if a project is to avoid difficulties and reach a successful conclusion. This book concentrates specifically on the contracting issues that surround projects of any size.

Implementing Program Management

Implementing Program Management Author Ginger Levin
ISBN-10 9781466597747
Release 2016-04-19
Pages 328
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Success in program management requires discipline, complete plans, well-run meetings, accurate record keeping, and adherence to global best practices. Implementing Program Management: Templates and Forms Aligned with the Standard for Program Management, Third Edition (2013) and Other Best Practices provides the templates and guidelines for the plans, forms, agendas, registers, and procedures you will need. Ginger Levin and Allen Green wrote Implementing Program Management Templates and Forms Aligned with the Standard for Program Management – Second Edition (2008) in 2010. Since then it has become the go-to reference for program practitioners, colleges, universities, and those studying for the Program Management Professional (PgMP®) credential from the Project Management Institute (PMI®). Based on PMI’s Standard for Program Management—Third Edition (2013) and other best practices, the updated edition of this bestselling reference provides a program management methodology consisting of reports, forms, templates, and documents. It includes identifiable documents referenced in the latest Standard for Program Management as well as other helpful ones omitted from prior editions. The book deals with the full program management life cycle—program definition, program benefits delivery, and program closure—to support the documentation requirements for your programs. The authors have updated the templates and forms in this book to complement what is included in the Third Edition and to include what they feel are best practices for managing programs. All the templates included in the book can be accessed online and can be easily customized to meet the unique requirements of your organization.

Modern Project Management

Modern Project Management Author R. C. Mishra
ISBN-10 9788122416169
Release 2006-01-01
Pages 234
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The Self Contained Text Attempts To Provide A Broad Foundation To The Project Management Aspects To Bridge The Gap Between The Students And The Professionals. In Doing So, It Discusses Fairly Extensively, The Basic Of Project Management And Treats Systematically And Comprehensively, The Various Parameters Such As Feasibility Study And Structuring And Controlling The Most Important Resources Of The Project. The Role Of The Project Manager In Project Direction, Coordination And Control Has Been Elaborated At Length. Network Concepts Used In Project Management Forms An Important Part Of This Book. Numerous Worked Out Real Life Problems Illustrate The Application Of The Theories Considered.In Consonance With The Growth Of Industry And Its Modernization, And The Need To Minimize The Time Required For Completion Of The Project Advances In Project Management Have Been Included.Replete With Line Diagrams, This Elegant Volume Will Serve As An Excellent Text For The Undergraduate In Mechanical/Production/Industrial Engineering, And Would Be Of Immense Value To The Professional Project Managers.

Advanced project management

Advanced project management Author F. L. Harrison
ISBN-10 UOM:39076001301774
Release 1992-10-27
Pages 308
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When this book first appeared in 1981 it quickly acquired a reputation for excellence on both sides of the Atlantic. For this third edition the text has been radically revised and the author presents a new approach designed to be used as a framework for the total integration of project management work. According to Mr Harrison, the elements that determine the success or failure of a project are the structure of the project organization, the methodology used for planning and control, how human relations problems and conflicts are managed, and the effectiveness of integration. The author deals in depth with all these topics. He explains how using modern project techniques can save time and money, analyses relevant forms of organization and discusses estimating, budgeting, cost control and performance analysis and the importance of the 'people' dimension. This is a book that successfully bridges the gap between introductory texts on project management and specialist works on professional practice. Its aim is twofold: to provide both a guide for managers, engineers, accountants and others involved in project work and a textbook for advanced students of project and construction management.

The Influential Project Manager

The Influential Project Manager Author Alfonso Bucero,MSc,PMP, PMI-RMP, PMI F
ISBN-10 9781466596344
Release 2014-07-25
Pages 219
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If you want to be a successful project manager, you need to become a person of influence. Without influence, there can be no success as a project manager. And, although all key success criteria point to the importance of developing soft skills as a project manager, few books exist about how to develop the power of influence for achieving better project and business results. Filling this need, The Influential Project Manager: Winning Over Team Members and Stakeholders supplies detailed guidance on how to improve your influence skills to achieve better business results. It explains how to set and meet ambitious goals for you, your team, and your stakeholders. The book describes how to listen actively to influence others and details how you can build partnerships that can pay dividends for a lifetime. Each chapter highlights real-world scenarios about a particular subject linked to the influencing skill being covered. Each chapter also includes practical forms, templates, helpful tips, and best practices to help you develop and refine your skills of influence. Details the ten keys to influencing others to support you and your ideas Outlines techniques for improving your listening skills Includes a trust assessment for determining your level of influence and if others see you as trustworthy Demonstrates how to build a network of informal alliances to achieve success Supplying you with the vision of influence from an experienced project manager’s perspective, this book will help you procure the informal power required to become a successful influencer. After reading the text and performing the trust assessment, you will gain the understanding required to lead project members down the path to project success.

Planning Using Primavera SureTrak Project Manager Version 3 0 Revised 2006

Planning Using Primavera SureTrak Project Manager Version 3  0 Revised 2006 Author Paul Eastwood Harris
ISBN-10 9781921059148
Release 2006-09-01
Pages 238
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Drawing on the author's experience in using SureTrak in a variety of industries, this book explains in a logical sequence the steps required to create and maintain a schedule. It highlights the sources of information and methods that should be employed to produce a realistic and useful project schedule.

Practical project management

Practical project management Author Salem K. Shaheen
ISBN-10 PSU:000012603015
Release 1987
Pages 318
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Covers the main management principles and methods for construction projects, discussing the development of project management, step-by-step methods for model projects, and the significance of each method. Procedures are recommended and explained with reference to typical reporting forms necessary for communication and record-keeping. Provides actual samples of monthly reports, evaluation studies, cost estimates and scheduling, as well as valuable examples and standards for use by the project manager. Also includes a complete procedures manual, a prototype of the rulebook required for each project.

Blueprint for Project Recovery

Blueprint for Project Recovery Author Ronald B. Cagle
ISBN-10 0814427049
Release 2003-01-01
Pages 284
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Annotation With the acceleration of technology and information, projects are becoming more complex, costly, and time-constrained -- and every year thousands of them get cancelled or end up costing significantly more than their original projections. Project and program managers are sorely in need of tools to help them avoid failure. Blueprint for Project Recovery provides readers with a proven, proceduralized methodology for identifying where and how projects went off course, and a defined plan of action to bring them back on track. Based on years of research and including a CD-ROM packed with all the forms, checklists and resources used in the text, the book gives readers an entire process for both evaluating and repairing projects gone off course, and guidance for planning them more effectively in the first place. The book is designed as an easy reference troubleshooting guide that readers can use immediately to solve all their project difficulties. Every project or program has exigencies that can cause problems with cost, schedule, or outcome. Blueprint for Project Recovery is the ultimate antidote.

The Project Management Life Cycle

The Project Management Life Cycle Author Jason Westland
ISBN-10 9780749448080
Release 2007-01-03
Pages 256
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The Project Management Life Cycle reveals the unique Method 123 Project Management Methodology by defining the phases, activities and tasks required to complete a project. It's different because it describes the life cycle clearly and prescriptively, without the complex terminology rife throughout the industry. Its comprehensive coverage, consistent depth and suite of tools will help managers to undertake projects successfully. Containing hundreds of practical examples to enhance the reader's understanding of project management, the book skilfully guides them through the four critical phases of the project life cycle: initiation, planning, execution and closure. Written in a clear, professional and straightforward manner, it is relevant to the management of all types of project, including IT, construction, engineering, telecommunications and government, as well as many others. An essential guide to improving project management skills for project managers, senior managers, team members, consultants, trainers or students. Additional resources can be downloaded from http://tinyurl.com/bq2dbuw by scrolling down to the 'Resources' section.

Managing the Construction Project

Managing the Construction Project Author Theodore J. Trauner
ISBN-10 0471557625
Release 1993
Pages 189
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Focuses on the different goals of the parties involved and on the treatment of the key issues of risk, time and information. Emphasizes handling of information through documentation and systems. Discusses common problem areas of a construction project, providing techniques for avoiding or resolving them. Includes sample forms and contract clauses. Provides a wider perspective of approaches to project management and related decision-making.

Law for Project Managers

Law for Project Managers Author David Wright
ISBN-10 9781317107583
Release 2016-04-22
Pages 176
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Projects can often be extremely complex processes involving various teams from client organisations, contractors and sub-contractors. Making sure you don't fall foul of the law may not be uppermost in the project manager's mind, but it is vital you understand the basics to prevent any costly legal hiccups and repercussions during the process. Law for Project Managers provides an easily understandable and practical guide to the laws of contract, liability, intellectual property and so on, entirely from the perspective of the project manager. It will enable you to approach projects forewarned and forearmed, able to avoid potential legal problems altogether. The book covers everything from intellectual property disputes with the client organisation about who actually 'owns' the outcome, to confusion arising during an international project from the different legal systems and their approach to contracts and health and safety problems in the management of contractors. Most importantly, it explains everything in very straightforward terms; legal jargon is either avoided altogether or defined with its relevance to the project manager explained. It is also written to help you find and brief legal professionals and, should it come to it, resolve disputes. For example, what are the various dispute resolution options open to you and which ones involve recourse to law? David Wright provides clear, readable and expert advice on this and many other important legal matters for the project manager.