Caviar Author Inga Saffron
ISBN-10 9780767911191
Release 2002-10-08
Pages 256
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In the tradition of Cod and Olives: a fascinating journey into the hidden history, culture, and commerce of caviar. Once merely a substitute for meat during religious fasts, today caviar is an icon of luxury and wealth. In Caviar, Inga Saffron tells, for the first time, the story of how the virgin eggs of the prehistoric-looking, bottom-feeding sturgeon were transformed from a humble peasant food into a czar’s delicacy–and ultimately a coveted status symbol for a rising middle class. She explores how the glistening black eggs became the epitome of culinary extravagance, while taking us on a revealing excursion into the murky world of caviar on the banks of the Volga River and Caspian Sea in Russia, the Elbe in Europe, and the Hudson and Delaware Rivers in the United States. At the same time, Saffron describes the complex industry caviar has spawned, illustrating the unfortunate consequences of mass marketing such a rare commodity. The story of caviar has long been one of conflict, crisis, extravagant claims, and colorful characters, such as the Greek sea captain who first discovered the secret method of transporting the perishable delicacy to Europe, the canny German businessmen who encountered a wealth of untapped sturgeon in American waters, the Russian Communists who created a sophisticated cartel to market caviar to an affluent Western clientele, the dirt-poor poachers who eked out a living from sturgeon in the aftermath of the Soviet collapse and the “caviar Mafia” that has risen in their wake, and the committed scientists who sacrificed their careers to keep caviar on our tables. Filled with lore and intrigue, Caviar is a captivating work of culinary, natural, and cultural history. From the Hardcover edition.


Caviar Author Nichola Fletcher
ISBN-10 9781861897312
Release 2010-05-15
Pages 136
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Served up with a mother of pearl spoon and alongside a crystal flute of champagne, caviar is the ultimate culinary symbol of wealth, luxury, and decadence. But how did tiny fish eggs—which many might regard as an unwanted, throwaway food—become such an international delicacy? In Caviar: A Global History, renowned food writer Nichola Fletcher answers this curious question, examining the rise of caviar as an indulgence and its effect on the lives of the people who seek and sell it today. Fletcher takes the reader on a tour of the main areas of caviar production—Russia, Iran, Europe, and America—and investigates how the industry has contributed to the decline of the sturgeon population, the fish most associated with caviar. As Fletcher details, many efforts are underway to create sustainable sturgeon farming, which would make it possible to enjoy caviar with a clear, environmental conscience. Featuring vibrant illustrations and many fascinating anecdotes, Caviar also offers advice on purchasing and serving caviar. This is the perfect food book for everyone in need of a little opulence and glamour.

Champagne Caviar

Champagne   Caviar Author
ISBN-10 1567997430
Release 1999
Pages 112
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What more delightful way to celebrate any occasion -- or no occasion, for that matter -- than with the classic pairing of two sublime tastes: champagne and caviar? Champagne's effervescence complements the delicacy of the roe, making this the perfect combination. Along with lovely photographs, a New York Times food columnist tells the story of these two unique delicacies, and reveals the secrets of just how and why they work so elegantly together.

Black Caviar

Black Caviar Author G Whateley
ISBN-10 9781743096826
Release 2013-06-11
Pages 320
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She has captured the heart of a nation like no sporting figure since the days of Phar Lap and Don Bradman. This is greatness the likes of which is rarely seen. This is a tale that will not weary. This is the authorised story of the horse that couldn't be beaten, by acclaimed journalist and broadcaster Gerard Whateley. the updated and bestselling biography, written by acclaimed journalist and broadcaster Gerard Whateley, with a foreword by Peter Moody, BLACK CAVIAR documents the career of the racehorse who transcended the track to become an Australian icon. It begins with the entrancing story of champion trainer Peter Moody, a self-made man bred in the remote outback of Queensland, who came to select and guide the fastest horse the world had ever seen. Under Moody's patient and masterful guidance, the hulking injury-prone filly matured into a champion, idolized by a devoted following more akin to a rock band than a racehorse. Her gift is to defy the very nature of sport, making victory look both certain and effortless. With her invincible run and marauding dominance, Black Caviar has returned racing to the glory days of more than half a century past and secured a reputation that will echo for as long as horses are sent out to race. this edition features a new epilogue and updated tables.

Camels to Caviar

Camels to Caviar Author Katherine Whitley
ISBN-10 1465342192
Release 2011-11-29
Pages 277
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The key interest in the book is the interaction between tour group members on escorted tours, the destinations we visited and my, as a tour manager, view of it all. It is based on real experiences and real people. The book is not chronological and can be read a little at a time or front to back. It is somewhat a travel log. Camels to Caviar helps you look at situations adventures and the people I dealt with from Kathmandu to Timbuktu. It portrays thirty years of my tour managing exotic and adventurous experiences. I also write of the personal growth as I worked through these tours. Nothing was ever the same and the learning curve was there up to my day of retirement. It became a lifestyle, living in a cocoon of self banishment. The characters and names are real as are the travel incidents. If it weren’t for all the norms, personalities, unknowns and disasters; the flights, cruise ship calamities and hotel horrors, there wouldn’t be “Camels to Caviar”. You will read about: • tanks surrounding our hotel in Lima • altitude sickness at Mt Everest, • scenery • foods and cultures around the world • how a tour manager performs, how I handle the behind the scenes procedures • the psychology and behavior of passengers and myself • romances on the road • sunset in the Sahara • Cambodia after Pol Pot • Mr. Bill in New Zealand • the Maharaja of Baroda • interesting and outrageous passengers • snip its of the countries we traveled in • royal family shockers I give you a vision of the fun and adventure during an escorted tour, as well as an insight to the personalities and unexpected circumstances. This all truly happens on escorted tours around the world. You will be amused and surprised in this tell all of how a tour manager functions during a tour and some of the almost breaking points of our “glamorous” job. Working on cruise ships brought a different type of tour group dynamics and demographics. What happened on board gave tour managing a different edge. I hope this will give you an insight to the intensity, personal journey and joy of my tour manager career.

Caviar and Ashes

Caviar and Ashes Author Marci Shore
ISBN-10 9780300128628
Release 2006
Pages 457
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The stories behind the acquisition of ancient antiquities are often as important as those that tell of their creation. This fascinating book provides a comprehensive account of the history and development of classical archaeology, explaining how and why artefacts have moved from foreign soil to collections around the world. As archaeologist Stephen Dyson shows, Greek and Roman archaeological study was closely intertwined with ideas about class and social structure; the rise of nationalism and later political ideologies such as fascism; and the physical and cultural development of most of the important art museums in Europe and the United States, whose prestige depended on their creation of collections of classical art. Accompanied by a discussion of the history of each of the major national traditions and their significant figures, this lively book shows how classical archaeology has influenced attitudes about areas as wide-ranging as tourism, nationalism, the role of the museum, and historicism in nineteenth- and twentieth-century art.


Caviar Author Grant Richards
ISBN-10 NYPL:33433075737845
Release 1914
Pages 364
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Caviar has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Caviar also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Caviar book for free.

Caviar with Rum

Caviar with Rum Author Jacqueline Loss
ISBN-10 9781137031341
Release 2012-09-06
Pages 262
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No country in Latin America has escaped the symbolic influence of the United States to the extent that Revolutionary Cuba has. This resistance meant that for approximately three decades the Soviet Union had an invitation to intervene in practically all Cuban spheres. With sixteen essays by renowned writers and artists, Caviar with Rum: Cuba-USSR and the Post-Soviet Experience is the first book of its kind to bring to life how and why the Soviet period is revisited these days and what this means for creative production and the future of geopolitics.

The Captain Loves Caviar

The Captain Loves Caviar Author Chilli Kippen
ISBN-10 9781784629731
Release 2015-06-28
Pages 200
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There's something about Gonzales but who can put a finger on it? On the surface he seems pleasant and willing to oblige, the perfect manservant, but all is not as it seems.

Cornbread Caviar

Cornbread   Caviar Author Empress Lablaque
ISBN-10 9781605921839
Release 2011-01-01
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Randi Ranes, an unwed mother who lives in the project and slings hash in a greasy spoon, has an even bigger problem than being dirt poor and having a sick child. Her mother is a drug user, and her strong addiction has indebted Randi to unsavory characters. Spider wants his money, and he's given Randi a clear ultimatum. Whose life is worth more-her mother's or Randi's sick little boy's? Can Randi salvage both?Randi is under pressure and falling apart. At her wits end, she agrees to sell her body at an illegal auction. Although Randi dresses the part, she knows better. Handsome millionaire, Hilton Maxwell, heads this illegal venture. He could purchase Randi for a smidgen of her asking price, but he doesn't dabble in street trash. Nevertheless, Randi does have a certain appeal.

Lumpfish Caviar

Lumpfish Caviar Author Jon Johannesson
ISBN-10 9251055629
Release 2006
Pages 60
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The best and most expensive caviar uses eggs from sturgeons caught in the Caspian Sea. But eggs from many other fish species have been used to develop products imitating original caviar. By utilizing processes appropriate for each kind of fish, it is possible to make a similar, though imitation, product. This publication presents an overview of the production of lumpfish eggs as a model for developing fish caviar. It describes fishing methods, preservation and storage of the eggs, as well as details on the caviar production process itself to obtain the final product. Production and marketing statistics demonstrate the extent of the global lumpfish caviar business. The publication draws heavily on source material from Iceland.

Vital Caspian Graphics

Vital Caspian Graphics Author
ISBN-10 8277010397
Release 2006
Pages 70
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This publication examines very complex, yet fascinating issues affecting the environment of the Caspian Sea and the surrounding areas. We often associate the Caspian Sea with caviar that is legally or illegally finding its way to our tables, but overlook the footprints left by a number of industries installed on shores of the Caspian that are serving the world wealthiest market demands. The struggle for access to the vast resources of this unique and fragile ecosystem and the development of new transportation routes between Europe and Asia continue to shape the geopolitical and security conditions in and around the world's largest body of inland water. These and other developments pose complex challenges in the efforts of countries to improve the damaged ecosystems that the local communities are depending on.

Sturgeon Stocks and Caviar Trade Workshop

Sturgeon Stocks and Caviar Trade Workshop Author Vadim J. Birstein
ISBN-10 9782831704012
Release 1997-01-01
Pages 88
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Sturgeon Stocks and Caviar Trade Workshop has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Sturgeon Stocks and Caviar Trade Workshop also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Sturgeon Stocks and Caviar Trade Workshop book for free.

Affordable Luxuries

Affordable Luxuries Author Harold Flagg
ISBN-10 9781456843656
Release 2001-01-11
Pages 112
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"Delicious...informative...absolutely fabulous," says a Floridian about this comic ́s eyeview of Britain ́s Royal Yacht, Cuba, Outback Peru, Hemingway "shrines," and Marlon Brando ́s "pareo paradise" just off the shores of Tahiti. A Buckingham Palace lady-in-waiting to Her Majesty the Queen calls the book "much appreciated...I am to thank you and thank you once again." A Bahamian editor predicts "serious potential to become a cult classic. It ́s a blast."


Caviar Author
ISBN-10 OCLC:794545392
Pages 138
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Caviar has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Caviar also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Caviar book for free.

Caviar with Champagne

Caviar with Champagne Author Jukka Gronow
ISBN-10 1859736386
Release 2003
Pages 196
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Perhaps the best symbol of this new cultural order was Soviet Champagne, which launched in 1936 with plans to produce millions of bottles by the end of the decade. Drawing on previously neglected archival material, Jukka Gronow examines how such new pleasures were advertised and enjoyed.

Russian Caviar

Russian Caviar Author Gunter Rau
ISBN-10 9781477238240
Release 2012-11-29
Pages 122
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Russian Caviar, a symbol of power and luxury, is a parable of life and death connected with agony and love. It was the Red Army delivering this delicacy after the last days of war beside devastation, rape, and death. It needed time to overcome those experiences of horror and to find a way out into life and freedom again. The remaining desire to get a chance in life to have caviar on the table without a bitter taste came finally true when love replaced all trauma with caviar as the stimulating centerpiece. This wonderful mental rainbow is the parable of love—the only alternative for happiness in life with continuation in eternity. From the deadly bombardment of Dresden in 1945 to freedom in Berlin in 1955 and the love story in London in 1961, one can sympathize with the excitement of these days. Russian Caviar is a love story par excellence. It happened on a blue summer day in London in an unsurpassable development with Russian caviar and champagne on the table. The passion of love changed our life with so much happiness—enough for a lifetime and eternity. Grand merci Florence – Je t ́aime.