Emergent Strategy

Emergent Strategy Author Adrienne Maree Brown
ISBN-10 1849352607
Release 2017-02-14
Pages 160
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In the tradition of Octavia Butler, here is radical self-help, society-help, and planet-help to shape the futures we want. Change is constant. The world, our bodies, and our minds are in a constant state of flux. They are a stream of ever-mutating, emergent patterns. Rather than steel ourselves against such change,Emergent Strategy teaches us to map and assess the swirling structures and to read them as they happen, all the better to shape that which ultimately shapes us, personally and politically. A resolutely materialist spirituality based equally on science and science fiction: a wild feminist and afro-futurist ride! adrienne maree brown, co-editor ofOctavia's Brood: Science Fiction from Social Justice Movements, is a social justice facilitator, healer, and doula living in Detroit.

Imagining the Future of Climate Change

Imagining the Future of Climate Change Author Shelley Streeby
ISBN-10 9780520294448
Release 2018-01-31
Pages 168
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This title is part of American Studies Now and available as an e-book first. Visit ucpress.edu/go/americanstudiesnow to learn more. From the 1960s to the present, activists, artists, and science fiction writers have imagined the consequences of climate change and its impacts on our future. Authors such as Octavia Butler and Leslie Marmon Silko, movie directors such as Bong Joon-Ho, and creators of digital media such as the makers of the Maori web series Anamata Future News have all envisioned future worlds in the wake of imminent environmental collapse, engaging audiences to think about the earth’s sustainability. As public awareness of climate change has grown, so has the popularity of imaginative works of climate fiction that connect science with activism. Today real-world social movements helmed by Indigenous people and people of color are leading the way against the greatest threat to our environment: the fossil fuel industry. It is through these stories and movements by Natives and people of color—both in the real world and imagined through science fiction—that we understand the relationship between culture and activism and how both can be a valuable tool in creating our future. Imagining the Future of Climate Change introduces readers to the history and most significant flashpoints in climate justice through speculative fictions and social movements to explore post-disaster possibilities and the art of world-making.


Trompet Author Jackie Kay
ISBN-10 975845725X
Release 2000
Pages 216
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Trumpet, is dead before the story begins. He is Joss Moody, a black Scottish jazz trumpeter, who has left a wife in deep mourning, and an adopted son, the defiantly ordinary and untalented Colman, in deep shock. For the posthumous medical report has revealed Joss Moody, his tall and handsome father, revered in the jazz world, to be a woman. Joss's widow, Millie, holes up in a Scottish fishing village in a house she and her husband shared, reeling from the press coverage of her marriage and overwhelmed by grief. Colman meanwhile, raging against what he perceives as his father's duplicity and perversion, colludes with tabloid journalist Sophie Stones in a facile and sensationalist rewriting of Moody's history.

Re Imagining Change

Re Imagining Change Author Doyle Canning
ISBN-10 9781629633954
Release 2017-07-24
Pages 224
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Providing resources, theory, hands-on tools, and illuminating case studies for the next generation of innovative change-makers, this unique book explores how culture, media, memes, and narrative intertwine with social change strategies. Re:Imagining Change is an inspirational inside look at the trailblazing methodology developed by the Center for Story-based Strategy. This new, expanded second edition includes even more examples from the front lines of social movements and links the reader with an online tool kit to help change the stories they care about most.

Leading Organizational Change

Leading Organizational Change Author Elwood F. Holton
ISBN-10 156286064X
Release 1997
Pages 260
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Explore successful change models that illustrate how human resources and development professionals can and should lead organizational change on every level from small incremental changes to quantum fundamental organizational change. Included are many best practices and models.

Strategies for Shaping Territorial Competitiveness

Strategies for Shaping Territorial Competitiveness Author Jesús M. Valdaliso
ISBN-10 9781317678472
Release 2015-04-10
Pages 276
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This book focuses on the main challenges that cities, regions and other territories at sub-national level face when it comes to designing and implementing a territorial strategy for economic development and competitiveness. There is a widespread recognition that territories need to construct strategies that focus on shaping sustainable competitive advantages. To do this they draw upon their own unique resources and capabilities alongside intelligence on existing technological and market trends. However, there is still a notorious lack of both theoretical and empirical research on this issue. The first part of this book develops a theoretical framework for understanding and analysing territorial strategy. This framework asks three questions of territorial strategy – what for, what, and how – looking closely at the key relationship between strategy and policy. The second part is dedicated to exploring this framework in practice through application to a series of unique cases from around the world at different territorial levels, from regions such as the Basque Country, Navarre and Murcia in Spain, Okanagan (British Columbia) in Canada, Wales in the United Kingdom, and the cross-border region of the Øresund in Denmark–Sweden, as well as the city of Rafaela in Argentina. Each case offers something different and enables the framework to be thoroughly tested, generating concluding reflections that add real value for scholars and policy-makers interested in and working in the field of territorial strategy. This volume is intended for the academic community, the policy community (government leaders, policy-makers, policy researchers and consultants) and university students and teachers at different levels interested in the areas of territorial competitiveness, regional development, competitiveness policies and processes of territorial strategy.

CIMA E2 Project and Relationship Management

CIMA   E2 Project and Relationship Management Author BPP Learning Media
ISBN-10 9781472736444
Release 2015-06-30
Pages 506
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BPP Learning Media provides the widest range of study materials of any CIMA publisher. Our comprehensive printed materials highlight the areas to focus on for your exams, and our e-Learning products complement the syllabus to improve your understanding.

D rtme

D  rtme Author Richard H. Thaler
ISBN-10 6053430420
Release 2013
Pages 334
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D rtme has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from D rtme also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full D rtme book for free.

B y k Tasarim

B  y  k Tasarim Author Stephen Hawking
ISBN-10 6050905703
Release 2012-03-01
Pages 164
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B y k Tasarim has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from B y k Tasarim also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full B y k Tasarim book for free.

Foundations of Human Resource Development

Foundations of Human Resource Development Author Richard A. Swanson
ISBN-10 1576750752
Release 2001
Pages 439
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Foundations of Human Resource Development is a careful presentation of the basic theory and practice of human resource development (HRD). The book clearly frames and explains HRD in a manner that is useful for beginners and experts. Working definitions and core values derived from the history of HRD and its present challenges are presented.

Managing Strategic Change

Managing Strategic Change Author Noel M. Tichy
ISBN-10 0471865591
Release 1983-05-03
Pages 434
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Shows how managers can use the conceptual framework of TPC theory (technical, political, and cultural dynamics) to cope with major strategic reorientation. Raises such fundamental questions about the nature of organizations. What business(es) should we be in? Who should reap what benefits from the organization? What are the values and norms of organizational members? Provides concepts and workable technologies for dealing with these questions and preparing for future change. Includes extensive examples.

Work Change and Competition

Work  Change and Competition Author David Preece
ISBN-10 9781134667277
Release 2002-03-11
Pages 248
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This book presents an in-depth study of organizational change and innovation in one of the UK's leading retail leisure companies. Based on a remarkably deep level of access, the authors provide a fascinating longitudinal study of the management process in action - both the formal, 'on stage' aspects of strategic change and the informal, political behaviour of those involved. Subjects covered include: * the changing contexts of the public house business * from management to managing * change processes and politics * control and empowerment * gender and public house management. Work, Change and Competition will be essential reading for students of organizational change, as well as all readers interested in the changing nature of management/managing and organizations.

A Theory of Fields

A Theory of Fields Author Neil Fligstein
ISBN-10 9780199977147
Release 2012-05-14
Pages 256
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Finding ways to understand the nature of social change and social order-from political movements to market meltdowns-is one of the enduring problems of social science. A Theory of Fields draws together far-ranging insights from social movement theory, organizational theory, and economic and political sociology to construct a general theory of social organization and strategic action. In a work of remarkable synthesis, imagination, and analysis, Neil Fligstein and Doug McAdam propose that social change and social order can be understood through what they call strategic action fields. They posit that these fields are the general building blocks of political and economic life, civil society, and the state, and the fundamental form of order in our world today. Similar to Russian dolls, they are nested and connected in a broader environment of almost countless proximate and overlapping fields. Fields are mutually dependent; change in one often triggers change in another. At the core of the theory is an account of how social actors fashion and maintain order in a given field. This sociological theory of action, what they call "social skill," helps explain what individuals do in strategic action fields to gain cooperation or engage in competition. To demonstrate the breadth of the theory, Fligstein and McAdam make its abstract principles concrete through extended case studies of the Civil Rights Movement and the rise and fall of the market for mortgages in the U.S. since the 1960s. The book also provides a "how-to" guide to help others implement the approach and discusses methodological issues. With a bold new approach, A Theory of Fields offers both a rigorous and practically applicable way of thinking through and making sense of social order and change-and how one emerges from the other-in modern, complex societies.

Governance Directors and Boards

Governance  Directors and Boards Author Mahmoud Ezzamel
ISBN-10 1845421035
Release 2005-01-01
Pages 526
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'This book by Professor Ezzamel represents a major milestone in the literature on corporate governance by integrating most of the leading edge research on governance, directors and boards in a single volume. I am particularly impressed by the interdisciplinary nature of this book and the painstaking effort at creating a collection of empirical papers that build upon each other in an additive fashion. This book is a "must have" in the personal library of corporate governance scholars and should be widely used around doctoral programs in strategy around the world.' - Luis Gomez-Mejia, Arizona State University, US This unique volume brings together contributions on corporate governance published in various disciplines, including accounting, economics, finance and management. Mahmoud Ezzamel presents a collection of seminal papers that focus on the relationship between boards of directors and corporate governance. Governance, Directors and Boards investigates such important issues as the composition of boards of directors, their key overall roles as mechanisms of governance, the impact of the board on the nature of decision making in contemporary organisations, and the role of the relationship between the board and the determination of executive remuneration.

Kendine Ait Bir Oda

Kendine Ait Bir Oda Author Virginia Wolf
ISBN-10 9786051764696
Release 2015-06-26
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"Bütün bu yüzyıllar boyunca kadınlar, erkeği olduğundan iki kat büyük gösteren bir ayna görevi gördüler, büyülü bir aynaydı bu ve müthiş bir yansıtma gücü vardı. Böyle bir güç olmasaydı dünya hâlâ bataklık ve balta girmemiş ormanlardan ibaret olurdu. Savaşlarda zafer kazanıldığı duyulmazdı... Çar ve Kayzer ne taç giyerler, ne de tahttan inerlerdi. Uygar toplumlarda hangi işe yararlarsa yarasınlar, bütün şiddet ya da kahramanlık eylemlerinde aynalar gereklidir. İşte bu yüzden Napoléon da Mussolini de kadınların erkeklerden aşağı olduğunda bu kadar ısrarcıdırlar, eğer onlar aşağıda olmasalardı kendileri büyüyemezlerdi." Kendine Ait Bir Oda, Virginia Woolf'un 1928 yılında kapılarını kadınlara yeni yeni açmakta olan Cambridge Üniversitesi'ndeki kız öğrencilere hitaben yaptığı bir konuşması üzerine şekillenmiştir. İngiltere'de kadınların seçme ve seçilme hakkını elde etmelerinden bir yıl sonra yayımlanan kitap o tarihten günümüze feminizm tartışmalarının locus classicus'u olageldi. Jane Austen ve Charlotte Brontë'den, kadınların niçin bir Savaş ve Barış yazamadıklarına; Shakespeare'in hayali kız kardeşinden bugün de tartışılmaya devam eden kadının yoksulluğu ve namusu başlıklarına, hatta yaratıcılığın doğasına kadar uzanan geniş bir yelpazede kalemini özgürce oynatan Woolf, kadınlara edebiyat alanında bir çıkış yolu gösteriyor. "Bir kadın eğer kurmaca yazacaksa, parası ve kendine ait bir odası olmalıdır," diyen Virginia Woolf'un sesi, aradan geçen sekseni aşkın yıla rağmen gücünü ve etkinliğini koruyor.

Asia Eyes America

Asia Eyes America Author Jonathan D. Pollack
ISBN-10 1884733433
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Asia Eyes America has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Asia Eyes America also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Asia Eyes America book for free.


  z Author Ken Robinson
ISBN-10 6051115234
Release 2010-03-01
Pages 252
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z has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from z also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full z book for free.