The Environment

The Environment Author Philip W. Sutton
ISBN-10 9780745634326
Release 2007-04-16
Pages 187
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How are human societies changing the global environment? Is sustainable development really possible? Can environmental risks be avoided? Is our experience of nature changing? This book shows how questions about the environment cannot be properly answered without taking a sociological approach. It provides a comprehensive guide to the ways in which sociologists have responded to the challenge of environmental issues as diverse as global warming, ozone depletion, biodiversity loss and marine pollution. It also covers sociological ideas such as risk, interpretations of nature, environmental realism, ecological modernization and globalization. Environmentalism and green politics are also introduced. Unlike many other texts in the field, the book takes a long-term view, locating environmental dilemmas within the context of social development and globalization. The Environment: A Sociological Introduction is unique in presenting environmental issues at an introductory level that assumes no specialist knowledge on the part of readers. The book is written in a remarkably clear and accessible style, and uses a rich range of empirical examples from across the globe to illustrate key debates. A carefully assembled glossary and annotated further reading suggestions also help to bring ideas to life. The book will be a valuable resource for students in a range of disciplines, including sociology, geography and the environmental sciences, but also for anyone who wants to get to grips with contemporary environmental debates.

Environment and Society

Environment and Society Author Erika Cudworth
ISBN-10 9781134606443
Release 2005-08-04
Pages 248
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At the start of the twenty-first century, it can be argued that human societies have a greater impact on the environment than ever before. We have always been dependent upon, and interacted with, the 'natural' environment. However, the dramatic social changes of the past three centuries, have altered the form of our relationship with non-human nature to the extent that some would see people/planet relations as in a situation of crisis. Environment and Society provides a comprehensive and critical account of the ways in which we can think about the relationship between human societies and the environments with which they interact. It argues that human societies are ecologically embedded, and that environments are often socially embedded and constituted. It makes the different theoretical positions and empirical studies accessible to students, and includes chapter outlines and summaries, annotated further reading, boxed case-studies and discussion points.

Managing the Environment Managing Ourselves

Managing the Environment  Managing Ourselves Author Richard N. L. Andrews
ISBN-10 0300077955
Release 1999
Pages 463
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Offers a history of American environmental policy beginning with the age of European exploration in 1487 and continuing through 1996.

Culture and Environment

Culture and Environment Author Irwin Altman
ISBN-10 0521319706
Release 1984-05-25
Pages 337
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It covers a wide range of topics dealing with the complex relationship between people and the environment.

PIE Person In Environment System in der klinischen Sozialarbeit Auf dem Weg zur Qualifizierung der Sozialarbeit

PIE  Person In Environment System  in der klinischen Sozialarbeit  Auf dem Weg zur Qualifizierung der Sozialarbeit Author Marc Ehlerding
ISBN-10 9783842898561
Release 2014-05
Pages 80
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Mit dem vorliegenden Buch soll das PIE (Person-In-Environment System ), ursprünglich von Karls und Wandrei aus den USA entwickelt, bezüglich deren Anwendbarkeit in der deutschen Sozialarbeit untersucht werden. Der spezielle Fokus hat dabei die klinische Sozialarbeit. Mit zunehmendem Spardruck sozialer Ausgaben im 21. Jahrhundert und immer wiederkehrenden Diskussionen über die Profession Sozialarbeit kann dieses Buch einen wichtigen Beitrag zu jenen Diskussionen liefern. In dieser Ausgabe ist zudem die deutsche Übersetzung des PIE enthalten.

The Environment as Hazard

The Environment as Hazard Author Ian Burton
ISBN-10 0898621593
Release 1993
Pages 290
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The Environment as Hazard offers an understanding of how people around the world deal with dramatic fluctuations in the local natural systems of air, water, and terrain. Reviewing recent theoretical and methodological changes in the investigation of natural hazards, the authors describe how research findings are being incorporated into public policy, particularly research on slow cumulative events, technological hazards, the role played by social systems, and the relation of hazards theory to risk analysis. Through vivid examples from a broad sample of countries, this volume illuminates the range of experiences associated with natural hazards. The authors show how modes of coping change with levels of economic development by contrasting hazards in developing countries with those in high income countries - comparing the results of hurricanes in Bangladesh and the United States, and earthquakes in Nicaragua and California. In new introductory and concluding chapters that supplement the original text, the authors present new global data sets, as well as a trenchant discussion of implications of hazards research for the International Decade for Natural Disaster Reduction and for attempts by the world community to come to grips with the threats of climate change.

The Environment

The Environment Author Laura K. Egendorf
ISBN-10 0737712511
Release 2004
Pages 74
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Few issues stir up greater controversy than the health of the environment. The contributors to this volume explore key ecological issues in these chapters: Is There an Environmental Crisis? How Can Pollution Best Be Prevented? Is the American Lifestyle Bad for the Environment? Which Policies Will Best Improve the Environment?

The Politics of the Environment

The Politics of the Environment Author Neil Carter
ISBN-10 113946440X
Release 2007-04-19
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The continuous rise in the profile of the environment in politics reflects growing concern that we may be facing a large-scale ecological crisis. The new edition of this highly acclaimed textbook surveys the politics of the environment, providing a comprehensive and comparative introduction to its three components: ideas, activism and policy. Part I explores environmental philosophy and green political thought; Part II considers parties and environmental movements; and Part III analyses policy-making and environmental issues at international, national and local levels. This second edition has been thoroughly updated with new and revised discussions of many topics including the ecological state, ecological citizenship, ecological modernisation and the Greens in government and also includes an additional chapter on 'Globalisation, Trade and the Environment'. As well as considering a wide variety of examples from around the world, this textbook features a glossary, guides to further study, chapter summaries and critical questions throughout.


Environment Author Glenn Adelson
ISBN-10 9780300126143
Release 2008
Pages 950
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This major anthology is the first to apply a fully interdisciplinary approach to environmental studies. A comprehensive guide to environmental literacy, the book demonstrates how the sciences, social sciences, and humanities all contribute to understanding our interrelationships with the natural world. Though not specialized, Environment is a book that even specialists can learn from. Ten innovative case studies--climate shock, species endangerment, nuclear power, biotechnology, sustainable development, deforestation, environmental security, globalization, wilderness, and the urban environment--are followed by readings from specific disciplines. These can be integrated with the case studies to shape individual interests and teaching strategies. The volume presents an imaginative array of texts, from scientific papers to poetry, legal decisions to historical accounts, personal essays to economic analysis. Taken together, these selections provide a balanced, authoritative, and up-to-date treatment of key issues in environmental studies.

Deliberative Democracy and the Environment

Deliberative Democracy and the Environment Author Graham Smith
ISBN-10 0415309395
Release 2003
Pages 163
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One of the key questions to have exercised green political theorists in recent years concerns the relationship of the environment "agenda" and democracy. This title examines issues raised by this question.

The Environment

The Environment Author
ISBN-10 9780262301022
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The Environment has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from The Environment also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full The Environment book for free.

War and the Environment

War and the Environment Author Charles E. Closmann
ISBN-10 1603441697
Release 2009-09-14
Pages 210
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In recent times, the devastation occurring in places like Darfur has focused the world’s attention on the intertwined relationship of military conflict and the environment—and the attendant human suffering. In War and the Environment, eleven scholars explore, among other topics, the environmental ravages of trench warfare in World War I, the exploitation of Philippine forests for military purposes from the Spanish colonial period through 1945, William Tecumseh Sherman’s scorched-earth tactics during his 1864–65 March to the Sea, and the effects of wartime policy upon U.S. and German conservation practices during World War II.

Environment and Behavior

Environment and Behavior Author Robert B. Bechtel
ISBN-10 0803957955
Release 1997-01-06
Pages 679
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Unlike many books on the subject, which treat environmental psychology as a branch of psychology only, this comprehensive introduction takes a cross-disciplinary stance. Chapters cover such topics as: environmental engineering; biology; geography; architecture; evolutionary biology; sociology; clinical psychology and gerontology. The author, taking a unified view of human-environment problems, includes many aspects of environmental studies and emphasizes the innovative thinking required to deal with environmental problems.

Gender and the Environment

Gender and the Environment Author Nicole Detraz
ISBN-10 9781509511969
Release 2016-12-20
Pages 240
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Climate change, natural disasters, and loss of biodiversity are all considered major environmental concerns for the international community both now and into the future. Each are damaging to the earth, but they also negatively impact human lives, especially those of women. Despite these important links, to date very little consideration has been given to the role of gender in global environmental politics and policy-making. This timely and insightful book explains why gender matters to the environment. In it, Nicole Detraz examines contemporary debates around population, consumption, and security to show how gender can help us to better understand environmental issues and to develop policies to tackle them effectively and justly. Our society often has different expectations of men and women, and these expectations influence the realm of environmental politics. Drawing on examples of various environmental concerns from countries around the world, Gender and the Environment makes the case that it is only by adopting a more inclusive focus that embraces the complex ways men and women interact with ecosystems that we can move towards enhanced sustainability and greater environmental justice on a global scale. This much-needed book is an invaluable guide for those interested in environmental politics and gender studies, and sets the agenda for future scholarship and advocacy.

Culture Creativity and Environment

Culture  Creativity and Environment Author Fiona Becket
ISBN-10 9789042022508
Release 2007-01
Pages 258
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Culture, Creativity and Environment: New Environmentalist Criticism is a collection of new work which examines the intersection between philosophy, literature, visual art, film and the environment at a time of environmental crisis. This book is unusual in the way in which the 'imaginative', 'creative', element is privileged, notwithstanding the creativity of rigorous cultural criticism. Genuinely interdisciplinary, this book aims to be inclusive in its discussions of diverse cultural media (different literary genres, art forms and film for instance), which offer thoughtful and thought-provoking critiques of our relationships with the environment. Our ability to transcend the ethical and aesthetic categories and discourses that have contributed to our alienation from our environment is dependant upon an enlargement of our imaginative capacities. In a modest way this book might contribute to what Ted Hughes, speaking of the imagination of each new child, described as “nature's chance to correct culture's error”.

The Environment

The Environment Author Andrea C. Nakaya
ISBN-10 0737727977
Release 2006
Pages 163
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Presents extracts and analysis of recent court decisions dealing with issues about the environment such as a citizen's right to protect the environment, wildlife management and economic interests, and the preservation of endangered species.

Intelligence Heredity and Environment

Intelligence  Heredity and Environment Author Robert J. Sternberg
ISBN-10 052146904X
Release 1997-01-28
Pages 608
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Robert Sternberg and Elena Grigorenko address the roles and interaction of nature and nurture in Intelligence, Heredity and Environment, which provides a comprehensive, balanced, current survey of theory and research on the origins and transmission of human intelligence. The book is unique in the diversity of viewpoints it presents, and its inclusion of the most recent theories and findings. It highlights the search for genes associated with specific cognitive abilities, interactionist theories, cultural relativism, educational strategies, developmental perspectives and fallacies of previous intelligence research. This book will be required reading for students and professionals in the fields of intelligence, behavior genetics, biology, anthropology, and sociology.