FTCE GENERAL KNOWLEDGE TEST PR Author Florida Teacher Prep Team
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Release 2017-02-14
Pages 134
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***Includes Practice Test Questions*** Get the test prep help you need to be successful on the FTCE General Knowledge Test. The FTCE General Knowledge Test is extremely challenging and test preparation is essential for success. FTCE General Knowledge Test Quick Study is the ideal prep solution for anyone who wants to pass the FTCE General Knowledge Test. It's adapted from the FTCE General Knowledge Test Study Guide. Not only does it provide a guide to the FTCE General Knowledge Test as a whole, it also provides practice test questions as well as detailed explanation of each answer. FTCE General Knowledge Test Quick Study includes: -An overview of the FTCE General Knowledge Exam -A guide to essays and reading -An in-depth look at English language skills -A breakdown of mathematics It's filled with the critical information you'll need in order to do well on the test the concepts, procedures, principles, and vocabulary that the FTCE General Knowledge Test expects you to have mastered before sitting for the exam. -Essays and Reading -English Language Skills -English Language Skills -Mathematics These sections are full of specific and detailed information that will be key to passing the FTCE General Knowledge Test. The guide is laid out in a logical and organized fashion so that one section naturally flows from the one preceding it. Because it's written with an eye for both technical accuracy and accessibility, you will not have to worry about getting lost in dense academic language. Any test prep guide is only as good as its practice questions and answers, and that's another area where our guide stands out. Our test designers have provided test questions to help you know what to expect on the actual FTCE General Knowledge Test. Each answer is explained in depth, in order to make the principles and reasoning behind it crystal clear. We've helped thousands of people pass standardized tests and achieve their education and career goals.

The Best Test Preparation for the FTCE

The Best Test Preparation for the FTCE Author Leasha Barry
ISBN-10 0878911170
Release 2004-04
Pages 544
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Be prepared. Get certified. Then get ready to teach! REA's excellent FTCE study guide helps you master the FTCE exam so you will be one step closer to teaching in a Florida classroom of your own. This brand new, fully revised 3rd edition of REA's FTCE (Florida Teacher Certification Exam) test prep contains an in-depth review and 2 full-length practice exams with thoroughly detailed answers. The comprehensive FTCE review contains focused coverage of all relevant exam topics and Florida's 14 competencies including key pedagogical concepts, theories, and relevant laws. Follow up your study with REA's powerhouse test-taking strategies that get you ready for this all-important exam. Fully indexed for easy topic searches. Also contains a complete directory of all Florida public school districts. Also includes REA's TESTware, CD-ROM software that offers full-length, timed, computerized practice FTCE exams plus automatic scoring that provides you with the closest thing to experiencing a live exam at a testing center. DETAILS - Written by 7 leading Florida-based specialists with doctorates in teacher education. - Comprehensive reviews of all of Florida's 14 state competencies. - CD-ROM containing REA's acclaimed TESTware program with 2 computerized practice FTCE exams. - Features every type of question, every subject area, and every skill that can be expected on the actual FTCE. - Each practice exam question is fully explained in easy-to-follow, step-by-step detail. - Adaptable study schedule that fits your lifestyle. - Fully compliant with federal No Child Left Behind guidelines. - Fully indexed for quick and speedy topic searches. - Bonus Appendix of all Florida public school districts TESTware System Requirements - Pentium 75 MHz or higher (300 MHz recommended) or compatible processor - Microsoft Windows 98 or later - 64 MB Available RAM - Internet Explorer 5.5 or higher TABLE OF CONTENTS CHAPTER 1: Passing the FTCE - About this Book & TESTware - About the Test - How to Use this Book - Format of the FTCE - Computer-Based Testing - About the Review Sections - Scoring the FTCE - Studying for the FTCE - Test-Taking Tips - The Day of the Test - FTCE Study Schedule CHAPTER 2: Competency 1: Assessment - Definition of Competency - Purposes of Assessment - Teacher-Made (Classroom) Tests - Authentic Assessments - Standardized Testing - Performance-Based Assessment - Creating Classroom (Teacher-Made) Tests - Principles of Test Construction - Self-Directed Learning and Assessment - Test Blueprints - Objectives - Test Items - Constructing Test Questions - Scoring the Test - Evaluating and Revising Tests - Preparation for Testing - Test Administration - Formative Feedback - Summary - References CHAPTER 3: Competency 2: Communication - Definition of Competency - Principles of Verbal Communication - Voice - Nonverbal Communication - Expectations of Students and Communication - Media Communication - Effective Use of Language - Relationship Between Teachers and Students - Connected Discourse - Marker Expressions - Task Attraction and Challenge - Scrambled Discourse, Vagueness, and Question Overload - Providing Clear Feedback to Students - Make Specific Statements about Students' Responses - Methods of Correcting Students' Errors - Parent-Teacher Communication - References CHAPTER 4: Competency 3: Continuous Improvement - Definition of Competency - Effective Professional Development - Professional Development Delivery Methods - Recommended Professional Development Topics - Barriers to Professional Development - References CHAPTER 5: Competency 4: Critical Thinking - Definition of Competency - Metacognition - Comparison/Contrast - Questioning - The Six Levels of Taxonomy - References CHAPTER 6: Competency 5: Diversity - Definition of Competency - Diversity - Factors Affecting Learning Style - Nature and Nurture - References CHAPTER 7: Competency 6: Ethics - Definition of Competency - What is Ethics? - Ethics and the Education Profession - The Code of Ethics of the Education Profession in Florida - The Principles of Professional Conduct of the Education Profession in Florida - References CHAPTER 8: Competency 7: Human Development and Learning - Definition of Competency - Physical, Social, and Academic Development - Motivational Strategies - Accommodating Different Learning Needs, Developmental Levels, and Experiential - Backgrounds - Applying Learning Theories in the Classroom - Students with Disabilities - Intervention Strategies for Students with Disabilities - References CHAPTER 9: Competency 8: Subject Matter - Definition of Competency - Reading Strategies - Reference Materials and Technology - Multidisciplinary Studies - References CHAPTER 10: Competency 9: Learning Environments - Definition of Competency - Physical Environment - Social and Emotional Climate - Academic Learning Time - Student Behavior - Cognitive Development and Moral Decision Making - Learning Styles and Personality Types - Standards for Classroom Behavior - Rules and the Student's Role in Decision Making - Rules and School Safety Issues - "With it"-ness in the Classroom - Procedures for Learning Success - Organizing Activities - Outcome-Oriented Learning - References CHAPTER 11: Competency 10: Planning - Definition of Competency - Goals - Identifying Student Knowledge, Skills, and Attitudes - Constructing or Adapting Short-Range Objectives - Organizing and Sequencing Short-Range Objectives - Choosing Educational Materials - Educational Resources - Visual Materials - Human Resources - Planning Processes - Teaching Methods - Teaching Styles - Directions - Objectives - Performance Standards - Supplies - Classroom Assessment - Practice to Promote Retention and Learning - Varying Practice Activities - Reinforce Retention of Specific Information - Provide a Variety of Activities to Promote Retention - Assist Students During Seatwork - Practice Activities Promote Long-Term Retention - Reviewing Material - Recapping Significant Points - Thesis, Antithesis, and Synthesis - Recapping Discussion and Reviewing Subject Matter - End of the Lesson Recap - Journal Writing - Cooperative Learning - Weekly and Monthly Reviews - References CHAPTER 12: Competency 11: The Role of the Teacher - Definition of Competency - The Teacher's Role in Classroom Management - Classroom Behavior - Behavior Patterns - Recognizing Substance Abuse - Behaviors that Indicate a Tendency Toward Substance Abuse - Physical and Behavioral Characteristics of Students Under the Influence of Drugs - The Use of Referrals - Teaching about the Dangers of Substance Abuse - Recognizing Abuse and Neglect - Symptoms of Abuse - Visible Signs of Abuse - How to Report Suspicions of Abuse - Summary - References CHAPTER 13: Competency 12: Technology - Definition of Competency - Educational Technology in the Primary Classroom - Educational Technology in the Secondary Classroom - Copyright Laws for Computer Programs - References CHAPTER 14: Competency 13: Foundations of Education - Definition of Competency - A Brief History of the Foundations of American Education - References CHAPTER 15: Competency 14: ESOL (English for Speakers of Other Languages) - Definition of Competency - English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) - Important Definitions of ESOL Terms - Limited English Proficiency Codes - Identification of Potential LEP Students - ESOL Program Models in Florida Schools - Considerations and Teaching Strategies for ESOL Students - Teaching Strategies and Principles for ESOL Students - Principles of Second-Language Acquisition - Quadrants of Language and Learning - Assessment - References PRACTICE TESTS Practice Test 1 - Multiple-Choice Questions - Answer Key - Detailed Explanations of Answers Practice Test 2 - Multiple-Choice Questions - Answer Key - Detailed Explanations of Answers - Practice Test Answer Sheets Index Appendix: Florida School Districts Installing REA's TESTware Using REA's TESTware CHAPTER 1: Passing the FTCE About this Book & TESTware This book provides you with an accurate and complete representation of the Florida Teacher Certification Examination (FTCE) Professional Education Test. Inside you will find topical reviews designed to equip you with the information and strategies needed to pass the exam. REA also gives you two full-length practice tests, which are based on the most recently administered FTCE and contain every type of question that you can expect to encounter on test day. As with the actual test, each of ours takes two and one-half hours to complete. Following each practice test, you will find an answer key with detailed explanations designed to help you better grasp the test material. The Practice tests in this book and software package are included in two formats; they are printed in the book and offered as TESTware on the enclosed CD. We recommend that you begin your preparation by first taking the practice exams on your computer. The software provides timed conditions, automatic scoring, and scoring information, all of which makes it easier to pinpoint your strengths and weaknesses. About the Test Who takes the test and what is it used for? The FTCE is taken by individuals seeking initial teacher certification in Florida. Educators must pass the Professional Education Test as one of the requirements for their first five-year Florida Professional Certificate. You are eligible to take the test if you meet any one of these criteria: - Enrolled in a college or university teacher-preparation program - Teaching with provisional certification - Making a teaching career change to public school teaching If you do not do well on the FTCE, don't panic! The test can be taken again, so you can work on improving your score in preparation for your next FTCE. A score on the FTCE that does not match your expectations does not mean you should change your plans about teaching. Who administers the test? The FTCE is developed and administered by the Florida Department of Education. A test development process was designed and implemented to ensure that the content and difficulty level of the test are appropriate. When should the FTCE be taken? The test should be taken just before or right after graduation for those seeking certification right out of school. While the FTCE is required to teach in Florida, you may be issued a two-year temporary certificate while completing your teaching requirements and working toward passing the FTCE itself. The FTCE is usually administered four times a year in several locations throughout Florida. The usual testing day is Saturday but the test may be taken on an alternate day if a conflict, such as a religious obligation, exists. Special accommodations can also be made for applicants who are visually impaired, hearing impaired, physically disabled, or specific learning disabled. To receive information on upcoming administrations of the FTCE, consult the FTCE Registration Bulletin, which can be obtained by contacting: FTCE Inquiries Florida Department of Education 325 West Gaines Street, Suite 414 Tallahassee, FL 32399-0400 Phone: (850) 488-8198 or (813) 974-2400 Website: http://www.firn.edu/doe/sas/ftcehome.htm and http://www.cefe.usf.edu/requestapp.aspx The FTCE Registration Bulletin also includes information regarding test retakes and score reports. Is there a registration fee? To take the FTCE, you must pay a registration fee. You may pay by personal check, money order, cashier's check, or Visa or MasterCard. Cash is not accepted. How to Use this Book What do I study first? Read over the reviews and the suggestions for test-taking. Studying the reviews thoroughly will reinforce the basic skills you will need to do well on the exam. Make sure to take the practice tests to become familiar with the format and procedures involved with taking the actual FTCE. To best utilize your study time, follow our FTCE Independent Study Schedule located at the end of this chapter. The schedule is based on a seven-week program, but can be condensed to four weeks if necessary. When should I start studying? It is never too early to start studying for the FTCE. The earlier you begin, the more time you will have to sharpen your skills. Do not procrastinate! Cramming is not an effective way to study, since it does not allow you the time needed to learn the test material. Format of the FTCE The Professional Education Test features 120 questions designed to assess your knowledge of the information described in the competencies included in our review sections. The test covers the 14 teaching competencies identified by the Florida Department of Education as foundational to effective teaching. Mastery of the content included in each of the competencies is gauged by one or more items on the examination. Individual test items require a variety of different thinking levels, ranging from simple recall to evaluation and problem solving. The competencies are broad statements written in a way that reflect the information an entry-level educator needs in order to be a truly effective teacher. Within the review section, each competency is broken down into the competency statement and a description of what the competency covers. The competencies will not be discussed in the actual FTCE test. All the questions on the FTCE are in multiple-choice format. Each question will have four options, lettered A through D, from which to choose. You should have plenty of time in which to complete the FTCE, but be aware of the amount of time you are spending on each question so that you allow yourself time to complete the test. Although speed is not very important, a steady pace should be maintained when answering the questions. Using the practice tests will help you prepare for this task. Computer-Based Testing A computer-based test is also available. To register, visit http://www.cefe.usf.edu and click on "Computer-Based Testing." If you decide to take the exam on the computer, you will receive notice of Pass/Fail immediately after completing the exam. It can be scheduled at a time that is convenient for you. About the Review Sections The reviews in this book are designed to help you sharpen the basic skills needed to approach the FTCE, as well as provide strategies for attacking the questions. Each teaching competency is examined in a separate chapter. All 14 competencies are extensively discussed to sharpen your understanding of what the FTCE covers. Your schooling has taught you most of what you need to answer the questions on the test. The education classes you took should have provided you with the know-how to make important decisions about situations you will face as a teacher. Our review is designed to help you fit the information you have acquired into specific competency components. Reviewing your class notes and textbooks together with our competency reviews will give you an excellent springboard for passing the FTCE. Scoring the FTCE How do I score my practice test? There are a total of 120 questions on the FTCE Professional Education Test. A score of 200 or higher, which is equivalent to 56% correct, is needed to pass. In other words, you need to answer approximately 67 questions correctly to achieve a passing score. If you do not achieve a passing score, review the detailed explanations for the questions you answered incorrectly. Note which types of questions you answered wrong, and re-examine the corresponding review. After further review, you may want to retake the practice tests. When will I receive my score report and what will it look like? Approximately one month after you take the test, your score report will be mailed to you. You will receive two original score reports and are responsible for sending one to the Bureau of Teacher Certification. A copy of your score report is provided to one Florida college or university and one Florida school district. You should have requested this information on your registration application. When you receive your score report and have passed with a 200 or higher, only the word PASS will be reported. If you do not pass, you will receive a numeric score and will have to retake the test. Studying for the FTCE It is very important for you to choose the time and place for studying that works best for you. Some individuals may set aside a certain number of hours every morning to study, while others may choose to study at night before going to sleep. Other people may study during the day, while waiting on line, or even while eating lunch. Only you can determine when and where your study time will be most effective. Be consistent and use your time wisely. Work out a study routine and stick to it. When you take the practice tests, simulate the conditions of the actual test as closely as possible. Turn your television and radio off, and sit down at a quiet table free from distraction. As you complete each practice test, score your test and thoroughly review the explanations to the questions you answered incorrectly; however, do not review too much at any one time. Concentrate on one problem area at a time by reviewing the question and explanation, and by studying our review until you are confident that you have mastered the material. Keep track of your scores. By doing so, you will be able to gauge your progress and discover general weaknesses in particular sections. Give extra attention to the reviews that cover your areas of difficulty, as this will build your skills in those areas. Test-Taking Tips Although you may not be familiar with tests like the FTCE, this book will help acquaint you with this type of exam and help alleviate your test-taking anxieties. Listed below are ways to help you become accustomed to the FTCE, some of which may be applied to other tests as well. Become comfortable with the format of the FTCE. When you are practicing, simulate the conditions under which you will be taking the actual test. Stay calm and pace yourself. After simulating the test only once, you will boost your chances of doing well, and you will be able to sit down for the actual FTCE with much more confidence. Read all of the possible answers. Just because you think you have found the correct response, do not automatically assume that it is the best answer. Read through each choice to be sure that you are not making a mistake by jumping to conclusions. Use the process of elimination. Go through each answer to a question and eliminate as many of the answer choices as possible. By eliminating two answer choices, you have given yourself a better chance of getting the item correct since there will only be two choices left from which to make your guess. Do not leave an answer blank; it is better to guess than to not answer a question on the FTCE test. Work quickly and steadily. You will have two and one-half hours to complete the test, so work quickly and steadily to avoid focusing on any one problem too long. Taking the practice tests in this book will help you learn to budget your precious time. Learn the directions and format of the test. Familiarizing yourself with the directions and format of the test will not only save time, but will also help you avoid anxiety (and the mistakes caused by getting anxious). Be sure that the answer circle you are marking corresponds to the number of the question in the test booklet. Since the test is multiple-choice, it is graded by machine, and marking one wrong answer can throw off your answer key and your score. Be extremely careful. The Day of the Test Before the Test On the day of the test, make sure to dress comfortably, so that you are not distracted by being too hot or too cold while taking the test. Plan to arrive at the test center early. This will allow you to collect your thoughts and relax before the test, and will also spare you the anguish that comes with being late. You should check your FTCE Registration Bulletin to find out what time to arrive at the testing center. Before you leave for the test center, make sure that you have your admission ticket and two forms of identification, one of which must contain a recent photograph, your name, and signature (i.e., driver's license). You will not be admitted to the test center if you do not have proper identification. You must bring several sharpened No. 2 pencils with erasers, as none will be provided at the test center. If you would like, you may wear a watch to the test center. However, you may not wear one that makes noise, because it may disturb the other test takers. Dictionaries, textbooks, notebooks, calculators, briefcases, or packages will not be permitted. Drinking, smoking, and eating are prohibited. During the Test The FTCE is given in one sitting with no breaks. Procedures will be followed to maintain test security. Once you enter the test center, follow all of the rules and instructions given by the test supervisor. If you do not, you risk being dismissed from the test and having your scores cancelled. When all of the materials have been distributed, the test instructor will give you directions for filling out your answer sheet. Fill out this sheet carefully since this information will be printed on your score report. Once the test begins, mark only one answer per question, completely erase unwanted answers and marks, and fill in answers darkly and neatly. After the Test When you finish your test, hand in your materials and you will be dismissed. Then, go home and relax - you deserve it!

Hetzjagd im All

Hetzjagd im All Author Alfred Bekker
ISBN-10 9783847648277
Release 2013-08-08
Pages 324
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Die Galaxis im vierten Jahrtausend: Dak Morley auf der Flucht vor einem mörderischen Computer-Virus, der ihn bis ans Ende des bekannten Universums hetzt. Eine actiongeladenes Abenteuer. "Ich warf mich zu Boden, rollte mich herum, während der Laserstrahl aus der Waffe meines Gegners dicht an mir vorbeizischte. Dort wo er aufkam, brannte er ein faustgroßes Loch in den Stein. Ein eigenartiger Geruch stieg mir in die Nase. Ich riß meinen Strahler hoch, feuerte und traf meinen Gegner mitten in die Brust -- sofern man das so bezeichnen mochte. Es handelte sich bei meinem Gegner nämlich um einen vierarmigen, etwa zwei Meter fünfzig großen Sampor, dessen Haut so hitzebeständig war, daß ich meinen Strahler auf die höchste Energiesstufe hatte einstellen müssen, um bei ihm überhaupt eine Wirkung zu erzielen. Ich brannte ihm ein Loch in das dunkelgrüne, tunikaartige Gewand, das er trug. Darunter kam die schuppig wirkende Haut (oder sollte man Panzer dazu sagen?) zum Vorschein. Die Energie meines Schusses schleuderte den Sampor gegen die grauweiße Wand einer nahen Ruine. Er rutschte zu Boden. In drei seiner vier prankenartigen Hände trug er Waffen. Einen Strahler, einen Nadler und eine Big-Bang-Gun genannte Pistole. Sie war in der Lage Explosionsgeschosse abzufeuern konnte, die ihr Ziel selbständig verfolgten. Die Sampor standen im Ruf, die besten Soldaten der Galaxis zu sein. Sie waren aus genetischen Experimenten auf dem Planeten Cartax hervorgegangene Klone. Der zynische Geist, der das Patent ihres Gen-Musters besaß, mußte sich inzwischen daran dumm und dreckig verdient haben. Ich verzog das Gesicht. Wer hätte das gedacht, du kannst es sogar mit Sampor aufnehmen! ging es mir durch den Kopf. Mein Gegner bewegte sich noch - trotz des daumendicken Lochs, daß ich ihm in seine Panzerhaut gebrannt hatte. Zwei seiner Waffenarme hingen schlapp herunter, schienen ihm nicht mehr zu gehorchen. Der Strahler war ihm entfallen. Eine weitere Pranke drückte er gegen die Stelle, an der ich ihn getroffen hatte. Sein schuppiges Gesicht war kaum mehr als eine Maske. Die Augen am Kopf wirkten starr. Es gab ein weiteres, geschlossenes Augenpaar am Hals, das zu einer zweiten Gehirnsektion im oberen Brustbereich gehörte. Diese zweite Gehirnsektion konnte im Fall eines Kopftreffers die Aufgaben des Haupthirns übernehmen. Perfekte Söldner. Wahrscheinlich hatte mein Treffer dieses Zweithirn zerstört oder zumindest stark in Mitleidenschaft gezogen. Ich beschloß, auf Nummer sicher zu gehen, hob den Strahler und brannte meinem Gegner auch noch ein Loch in den Kopf. Genau zwischen die Augen. Delete High Memory, so hätte das vielleicht ein antiker Meister der Programmierkunst in gleichermaßen schlichte wie wie ergreifende Prosa gebracht. Oder auch: Central Processor Unit Error. Ich habe ein Faible für ausgestorbene irdische Sprachen und dieses ganze uralte Zeug, daß man in antiken, schon halbentmagnetisierten Datenspeichern so finden kann. Der Sampor zuckte noch einmal. Seine letzte Bewegung. Unglücklicherweise löste er damit einen Schuß der Big-Bang-Gun aus." Anmerkung: Der Text des Buches folgt den Regeln der alten Rechtschreibung.

Eine andere Welt

Eine andere Welt Author Philip K. Dick
ISBN-10 9783104027326
Release 2015-03-26
Pages 256
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Die große Philip K. Dick-Reihe bei Fischer Klassik Jason Taverner: als beliebter Fernsehmoderator und Sänger gehört ihm die Welt. So denkt er, bis er in einem schäbigen Hotelzimmer aufwacht und unter Menschen kommt, die ihn nicht erkennen, in einer Welt, in der die Macht skrupellos ihre Bürger jagt. In dem Überwachungsstaat ist er ein gesichtsloser Niemand und die perfekte Beute. Mit großem Geschick erforscht Dick in seiner Dystopie die psychologischen Auswirkungen seines Orwellschen Albtraums. Nie hat Philip K. Dick seine Kritik an den zeitgenössischen USA schonungsloser dargelegt. Eine Provokation mit Nachhall.

Wolfgang Amadeus Maus

Wolfgang Amadeus Maus Author Dick King-Smith
ISBN-10 3596805503
Release 2004
Pages 78
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Wolfgang Amadeus Maus has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Wolfgang Amadeus Maus also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Wolfgang Amadeus Maus book for free.

Tod durch Klopapier

Tod durch Klopapier Author Donna Gephart
ISBN-10 9783641147976
Release 2015-05-25
Pages 288
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Das Leben kann ein Arschloch sein Als Bens Mutter eines Tages das gute Klopapier gegen billiges, kratziges eintauscht, erkennt er, dass ihre Geldsorgen groß sein müssen. Doch der Siebtklässler hat weit mehr zu verlieren als das gute Klopapier. Wenn er nicht ganz schnell möglichst viel Geld mit dem Verkauf von Schokoriegeln und dem Gewinnen verschiedener Preisausschreiben macht, wird seine Familie aus der Wohnung geworfen. Und auch wenn Ben wirklich gut darin ist, wird es für einen Geldpreis reichen, mit dem er nicht nur die Miete bezahlen sondern auch das Versprechen einhalten kann, das er seinem Vater kurz vor dessen Tod gegeben hat? Schließlich ist es ein selbstgebasteltes Zombie-Hochzeitskleid aus Klopapier, das alles entscheiden könnte.

Das Geschenk der Weisen

Das Geschenk der Weisen Author O. Henry
ISBN-10 3865661742
Release 2013-10
Pages 32
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Das Geschenk der Weisen has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Das Geschenk der Weisen also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Das Geschenk der Weisen book for free.

Das M dchen Anne Frank

Das M  dchen Anne Frank Author Melissa Müller
ISBN-10 3548607306
Release 2008
Pages 462
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Das M dchen Anne Frank has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Das M dchen Anne Frank also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Das M dchen Anne Frank book for free.


Gnade Author Toni Morrison
ISBN-10 3499249626
Release 2011
Pages 217
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Gnade has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Gnade also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Gnade book for free.

Die Kauri Trilogie

Die Kauri Trilogie Author Sarah Lark
ISBN-10 9783732517862
Release 2015-12-10
Pages 2400
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Das Schicksal zweier Familien, über Generationen hinweg miteinander verbunden, vor der atemberaubenden Kulisse Neuseelands. Das Gold der Maori. Kathleen und Michael wollen Irland verlassen. Das heimlich verlobte Paar schmiedet Pläne von einem besseren Leben in der neuen Welt. Aber all ihre Träume finden ein jähes Ende: Michael wird als Rebell verurteilt und nach Australien verbannt. Die schwangere Kathleen muss gegen ihren Willen einen Viehhändler heiraten und mit ihm nach Neuseeland auswandern - Michael gelingt schließlich mit Hilfe der einfallsreichen Lizzie die Flucht aus der Strafkolonie, und das Schicksal verschlägt die beiden ebenfalls nach Neuseeland. Seine große Liebe Kathleen kann er allerdings nicht vergessen - Im Schatten des Kauribaums. Neuseeland 1875: Lizzie und Michael Drury haben sich den Traum von einer großen Schaffarm erfüllt, vor ihnen liegt eine verheißungsvolle Zukunft. Doch ihr Leben gerät jäh aus den Fugen, als ihre älteste Tochter Matariki entführt wird - von ihrem leiblichen Vater, dem Maori-Häuptling Kahu Heke ... Während die Drurys um ihre Tochter bangen, steht der Familie Burton ein scheinbar glückliches Ereignis bevor: Kathleens Sohn Colin kehrt nach Neuseeland zurück. Noch ahnt niemand, was der junge Mann heraufbeschwören wird ... Zwei Familien sind auf schicksalhafte Weise miteinander verbunden, denn die Vergangenheit lebt in der Gegenwart weiter. Die Tränen der Maori-Göttin. Neuseeland, 1899: Lizzies und Michaels Sohn zieht als Stabsarzt in den Burenkrieg nach Südafrika. Für Roberta bricht damit eine Welt zusammen; sie ist entschlossen, für ihr gemeinsames Glück zu kämpfen. Ihr Wagemut ist dabei grenzenlos. Auch Matarikis Tochter Atamarie stellt sich einer großen Herausforderung: Sie schreibt sich als einzige Frau an der Universität für Ingenieurwissenschaften ein. Seit ihrer Kindheit faszinieren sie die Lenkdrachen der Maori. Das bringt sie mit dem Flugpionier Richard Pearce zusammen ...

Oryx und Crake

Oryx und Crake Author Margaret Atwood
ISBN-10 9783827077479
Release 2014-03-10
Pages 384
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Crake und Jimmy sind Freunde, und sie lieben dieselbe Frau: die rätselhafte Oryx. Sie leben in einer von Klimakatastrophen bedrohten Welt in einer gar nicht so fernen Zukunft. Crake, ein Genie genetischer Manipulation, ist Wissenschaftler und arbeitet an der Entwicklung neuer Medikamente, die die Menschen gegen Epidemien immunisieren sollen, aber er verfolgt darüber hinaus seine ganz eigenen Pläne ...

Kafkas Urteil und die Literaturtheorie

Kafkas  Urteil  und die Literaturtheorie Author Oliver Jahraus
ISBN-10 3150176360
Release 2002
Pages 271
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Kafkas Urteil und die Literaturtheorie has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Kafkas Urteil und die Literaturtheorie also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Kafkas Urteil und die Literaturtheorie book for free.

Lost on Nairne Island

Lost on Nairne Island Author Eileen Cook
ISBN-10 9783764190217
Release 2013-07-19
Pages 304
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Isobel steht kurz vor ihrem letzten Highschool-Jahr. Da passt es ihr ganz und gar nicht, dass sie auf eine kleine Insel vor der Küste Kanadas ziehen soll - auf das Anwesen des aalglatten Dick, dem neuen Mann ihrer Mutter. Der einzige Lichtblick ist Dicks gutaussehender Sohn Nathaniel, doch dieser zeigt Isobel nur die kalte Schulter. Isobels Albträume werden wahr, als die Schule beginnt: Ihre Mitschüler sind überzeugt, dass auf Dicks Anwesen einiges nicht mit rechten Dingen zugeht. Hatte Dick sogar beim Unfall seiner verstorbenen Frau und Tochter die Finger im Spiel?

Und ich habe nichts geahnt

Und ich habe nichts geahnt Author Renate Höhne
ISBN-10 386882586X
Release 2015-08-10
Pages 200
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Und ich habe nichts geahnt has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Und ich habe nichts geahnt also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Und ich habe nichts geahnt book for free.

Futsch mein Bruder hat einen Vogel

Futsch   mein Bruder hat einen Vogel Author Judy Blume
ISBN-10 3781702421
Release 1986-01
Pages 156
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Forts. von: Futsch - mein Bruder schafft alle. Futsch ist inzwischen vier Jahre alt, aber immer noch eine ausgesprochene Nervensäge. Das meint zumindest sein grosser Bruder Peter. Und der erzählt auch, wie es in der Familie Harper weitergeht: noch ein Baby wird erwartet....