Geschichte des Deutschen Heeres im Weltkriege 1914 1918

Geschichte des Deutschen Heeres im Weltkriege  1914 1918 Author Hermann Cron
ISBN-10 3764817674
Release 1937
Pages 407
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The dynamics of doctrine

The dynamics of doctrine Author Timothy T. Lupfer
ISBN-10 9781428915978
Release 1981
Pages 73
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The dynamics of doctrine has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from The dynamics of doctrine also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full The dynamics of doctrine book for free.

The German 1918 Offensives

The German 1918 Offensives Author David T. Zabecki
ISBN-10 9781134252251
Release 2006-09-27
Pages 432
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This is the first study of the Ludendorff Offensives of 1918 based extensively on key German records presumed to be lost forever after Potsdam was bombed in 1944. In 1997, David T. Zabecki discovered translated copies of these files in a collection of old instructional material at the U.S. Army Command and General Staff College at Fort Leavenworth, Kansas. He presents his findings here for the first time, with a thorough review of the surviving original operational plans and orders, to offer a wealth of fresh insights to the German Offensives of 1918. David T. Zabecki clearly demonstrates how the German failure to exploit the vulnerabilities in the BEF’s rail system led to the failure of the first two offensives, and how inadequacies in the German rail system determined the outcome of the last three offensives. This is a window into the mind of the German General Staff of World War I, with thorough analysis of the German planning and decision making processes during the execution of battles. This is also the first study in English or in German to analyze the specifics of the aborted Operation HAGEN plan. This is also the first study of the 1918 Offensives to focus on the ‘operational level of war’ and on the body of military activity known as ‘the operational art’, rather than on the conventional tactical or strategic levels. This book will be of great interest to all students of World War I, the German Army and of strategic studies and military theory in general.

Hitler s First War

Hitler s First War Author Thomas Weber
ISBN-10 9780191613623
Release 2010-09-16
Pages 464
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Hitler claimed that his years as a soldier in the First World War were the most formative years of his life. However, for the six decades since his death in the ruins of Berlin, Hitler's time as a soldier on the Western Front has, remarkably, remained a blank spot. Until now, all that we knew about Hitler's life in these years and the regiment in which he served came from his own account in Mein Kampf and the equally mythical accounts of his comrades. Hitler's First War for the first time looks at what really happened to Private Hitler and the men of the Bavarian List Regiment of which he was a member. It is a radical revision of the period of Hitler's life that is said to have made him. Through the stories of the veterans of the regiment - an officer who became Hitler's personal adjutant in the 1930s but then offered himself to British intelligence, a soldier-turned-Concentration Camp Commander, Jewish veterans who fell victim to the Holocaust, or of veterans who simply returned to their lives in Bavaria - Thomas Weber presents a Private Hitler very different from the one portrayed in his own mythical account. Instead, we find a Hitler who was shunned by the frontline soldiers of his regiment as a 'rear area pig' and who was still unsure of his political ideology even at the end of the war in 1918. In looking at the post-war lives of Hitler's fellow veterans back in Bavaria, Thomas Weber also challenges the commonly accepted notion that the First World War was somehow a 'seminal catastrophe' in twentieth century German history and even questions just how deep-seated Nazi ideology really was in its home state.

Researching World War I

Researching World War I Author Robin D. S. Higham
ISBN-10 031328850X
Release 2003
Pages 472
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Discusses secondary historical literature dealing with World War I, with essays organized by country or region and chapters dealing with topics such as the war at sea, air war, the mobilization of industry, and new military technology.

On Artillery

On Artillery Author Bruce I. Gudmundsson
ISBN-10 0275940470
Release 1993
Pages 176
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A study placing emphasis on the way artillery interacts with other arms, and the dynamics of the battle as a whole. It deals with failures as well as achievements, aiming to provide an overview of field artillery in the 20th century, and its impact on the major conflicts of this period.

Die deutsche Kavallerie im ersten Weltkrieg

Die deutsche Kavallerie im ersten Weltkrieg Author Alfred Satter
ISBN-10 9783833415647
Release 2004
Pages 136
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Die deutsche Kavallerie im ersten Weltkrieg has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Die deutsche Kavallerie im ersten Weltkrieg also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Die deutsche Kavallerie im ersten Weltkrieg book for free.

Germany s Western Front

Germany   s Western Front Author Mark Osborne Humphries
ISBN-10 9781554583942
Release 2013-10-31
Pages 580
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This multi-volume series in six parts is the first English-language translation of Der Weltkrieg, the German official history of the First World War. Originally produced between 1925 and 1944 using classified archival records that were destroyed in the aftermath of the Second World War, Der Weltkrieg is the inside story of Germany’s experience on the Western front. Recorded in the words of its official historians, this account is vital to the study of the war and official memory in Weimar and Nazi Germany. Although exciting new sources have been uncovered in former Soviet archives, this work remains the basis of future scholarship. It is essential reading for any scholar, graduate student, or enthusiast of the Great War. This volume, the second to be published, covers the outbreak of war in July–August 1914, the German invasion of Belgium, the Battles of the Frontiers, and the pursuit to the Marne in early September 1914. The first month of war was a critical period for the German army and, as the official history makes clear, the German war plan was a gamble that seemed to present the only solution to the riddle of the two-front war. But as the Moltke-Schlieffen Plan was gradually jettisoned through a combination of intentional command decisions and confused communications, Germany’s hopes for a quick and victorious campaign evaporated.

War Land on the Eastern Front

War Land on the Eastern Front Author Vejas Gabriel Liulevicius
ISBN-10 1139426648
Release 2000-05-18
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War Land on the Eastern Front is a study of a hidden legacy of World War I: the experience of German soldiers on the Eastern front and the long-term effects of their encounter with Eastern Europe. It presents an 'anatomy of an occupation', charting the ambitions and realities of the new German military state there. Using hitherto neglected sources from both occupiers and occupied, official documents, propaganda, memoirs, and novels, it reveals how German views of the East changed during total war. New categories for viewing the East took root along with the idea of a German cultural mission in these supposed wastelands. After Germany's defeat, the Eastern front's 'lessons' were taken up by the Nazis, radicalized, and enacted when German armies returned to the East in World War II. Vejas Gabriel Liulevicius's persuasive and compelling study fills a yawning gap in the literature of the Great War.

Violence Against Prisoners of War in the First World War

Violence Against Prisoners of War in the First World War Author Heather Jones
ISBN-10 9780521117586
Release 2011-06-02
Pages 451
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First in-depth, comparative study of the treatment of prisoners of war during the First World War.

The Beauty and the Sorrow

The Beauty and the Sorrow Author Peter Englund
ISBN-10 9780307701381
Release 2011-11-08
Pages 560
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An intimate narrative history of World War I told through the stories of twenty men and women from around the globe--a powerful, illuminating, heart-rending picture of what the war was really like. In this masterful book, renowned historian Peter Englund describes this epoch-defining event by weaving together accounts of the average man or woman who experienced it. Drawing on the diaries, journals, and letters of twenty individuals from Belgium, Denmark, France, Great Britain, Germany, Austria, Hungary, Italy, Australia, New Zealand, Russia, Venezuela, and the United States, Englund’s collection of these varied perspectives describes not a course of events but "a world of feeling." Composed in short chapters that move between the home front and the front lines, The Beauty and Sorrow brings to life these twenty particular people and lets them speak for all who were shaped in some way by the War, but whose voices have remained unheard.

Russia s Last Gasp

Russia s Last Gasp Author Prit Buttar
ISBN-10 9781472812773
Release 2016-09-22
Pages 488
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In Russia's Last Gasp, Prit Buttar looks at one of the bloodiest campaigns launched in the history of warfare Â? the Brusilov Offensive, sometimes known as the June Advance. The assault was intended to ease the pressure on Russia's British and French allies by diverting German troops from the Western Front and knocking Austria-Hungary out of the war. Russia's dismal military performance in the preceding years was forgotten, as the Brusilov Offensive was quickly characterised by innovative tactics, including the use of shock troops, a strategy that German armies would later adapt to great effect. Drawing on first-hand accounts and detailed archival research, this is a dramatic retelling of the final years of the war on the Eastern Front, in which the Russian Army claimed military success but at a terrible cost.

Violence and the German Soldier in the Great War

Violence and the German Soldier in the Great War Author Benjamin Ziemann
ISBN-10 9781474239592
Release 2017-09-21
Pages 320
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Translated into English as the Winner of the Geisteswissenschaften International Translation Prize for Work in the Humanities and Social Sciences 2015. During the Great War, mass killing took place on an unprecedented scale. Violence and the German Soldier in the Great War explores the practice of violence in the German army and demonstrates how he killing of enemy troops, the deaths of German soldiers and their survival were entwined. As the war reached its climax in 1918, German soldiers refused to continue killing in their droves, and thus made an active contribution to the German defeat and ensuing revolution. Examining the postwar period, the chapters of this book also discuss the contested issue of a 'brutalization' of German society as a prerequisite of the Nazi mass movement. Biographical case studies on key figures such as Ernst Jünger demonstrate how the killing of enemy troops by German soldiers followed a complex set of rules. Benjamin Ziemann makes a wealth of extensive archival work available to an Anglophone audience for the first time, enhancing our understanding of the German army and its practices of violence during the First World War as well as the implications of this brutalization in post-war Germany. This book provides new insights into a crucial topic for students of twentieth-century German history and the First World War.

The First World War in Africa

The First World War in Africa Author Hew Strachan
ISBN-10 0199257280
Release 2004-10-14
Pages 224
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The First World War was not just fought in the trenches of the western front. It embraced all of Africa. Many of those who fought this white man's war were black. The dangers they confronted went beyond those of the battlefield. They fell prey to malaria and dysentry, and they were attacked by lions and crocodiles. But it was a vast and spectacular theatre of operations and embraces the perspectives of all the nations who fought there, this is the first ever full account of the Great War in Africa.

Deutschlands Heer und Marine im Ersten Weltkrieg

Deutschlands Heer und Marine im Ersten Weltkrieg Author Christian Stachelbeck
ISBN-10 9783486854725
Release 2017-03-20
Pages 224
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Das preußisch-deutsche Militär musste sich in nur vier Jahren dem ersten industrialisierten Volkskrieg der Neuzeit anpassen. Welche weit reichenden militärinternen Wandlungsprozesse damit im Bereich der Organisation und in den einzelnen Phasen der Land-, See- und Kolonialkriegführung einhergingen, analysiert Christian Stachelbeck differenziert und gut verständlich. Probleme der immensen Mobilisierung von Menschen und Kriegsmaterial für die Rüstung unterzieht er ebenso einer kritischen Prüfung wie die Wechselwirkungen von Alltagserfahrungen und Motivationen des einfachen Soldaten mit der militärischen Führung. Die komprimierte, mit Schaubildern illustrierte und Quellentexten angereicherte Gesamtdarstellung erreicht gleichermaßen Fachhistoriker wie das breite Publikum.

Krieg um die Alpen

Krieg um die Alpen Author Alexander Jordan
ISBN-10 9783428528431
Release 2008
Pages 715
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Der Krieg um die Alpen, der in den Jahren 1915 bis 1918 zwischen Italien und Österreich-Ungarn entbrannte, war der umfassendste Konflikt, der jemals im Alpenraum stattfand. Mitten im Ersten Weltkrieg waren tausende Soldaten dauerhaft in den Hochalpen versammelt, die im Sommer wie im Winter dort lebten und kämpften. Der Autor verfolgt die Besonderheiten und theoretischen Grundlagen des Hochgebirgskrieges und stellt die Anforderungen, mit denen die Soldaten in der Fels- und Eisregion konfrontiert wurden, heraus. Es werden nicht nur die komplizierten politischen Verwicklungen behandelt, die zum italienischen Kriegseintritt auf Seiten der Alliierten führten, sondern auch die Kampfhandlungen selbst sowie die Truppenformationen der beteiligten Mächte. Der geographische Schwerpunkt der militärhistorischen Untersuchung liegt auf Tirol und der Region von der Schweizer Grenze bis hin zu den Julischen Alpen.Erstmalig wird in diesem Buch der Einmarsch deutscher Truppen in Tirol im November 1918 anschaulich geschildert und wissenschaftlich bewertet. Es bestand die Gefahr, dass Truppen der Entente als Reaktion auf den österreichisch-italienischen Waffenstillstand 1918 von Tirol aus einen Stoßkeil in Bayerns Südflanke treiben könnten. Leitfragen der Analyse richten sich auf die Organisation des Grenzschutzes, auf die Entscheidungsträger und auf die militärstrategischen und politischen Beweggründe, die zum Einmarsch in Tirol führten.In der Studie wird die Erlebensebene der Frontsoldaten in die Darstellung der Ereignisse an der italienisch-österreichischen Front eingebettet. Bisher unbearbeitetes Quellenmaterial lässt neue Schlüsse zu. Etwa jenen, dass sich der Krieg in den Alpen keineswegs exakt nach den theoretischen Vorgaben und Erwartungen der Armeeführung entwickelte. Ein umfangreicher Dokumentenanhang sowie Karten- und Bildmaterial und eine ausführliche Bibliographie runden das Werk ab.

Heimatheer und Revolution 1918

Heimatheer und Revolution 1918 Author Ernst-Heinrich Schmidt
ISBN-10 9783486826401
Release 2017
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