In This Together

In This Together Author Ann Romney
ISBN-10 9781250083999
Release 2015-09-29
Pages 320
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When Mitt and Ann Romney met in their late teens, a great American love story began. And their life together would be blessed: five healthy sons, financial security, and a home filled with joy. Despite the typical ups and downs, they had a storybook life. Then, in 1998, Ann was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. She couldn't believe it was real; there were no therapies or treatments to help her. Mitt told her that day that they would tackle the diagnosis as a team: They were in it together. "As long as it isn't fatal, we're fine. If you have to be in a wheelchair, I'll be right there to push it," he told her. And Ann thought, "But I'll be the one in the wheelchair." A caregiver and helper her whole life, she'd crossed a terrible invisible line. She wouldn't be able to care for her family anymore. She was the patient. Ann and Mitt would face the most frightening and humbling experience of their lives. From reflections on her early life, her marriage, and her diagnosis and recovery, the sources of her faith, and the stories of others who overcame adversity and inspired her to keep going, In This Together is a brave and deeply honest portrait of a family facing an unexpected blow, often in the most public of circumstances. "A lot of people talk about a transformation that happens when life throws you a curve ball, and the big one in my life was my MS diagnosis. With all the blessings I've had, MS has been my greatest teacher: It has taught me about faith, compassion, and serving others. I've met many people along the way who've shared advice and demonstrated enormous resilience in the face of challenges; their stories gave me strength. In sharing my story, I want to give others hope as I've been given hope on this journey."

Patched Together

Patched Together Author Brennan Manning
ISBN-10 1434700992
Release 2010-01-01
Pages 144
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"Patched Together is a very special story to me. It is, in many ways, my story..." These words begin this rich story from Brennan Manning, the beloved author of The Ragamuffin Gospel. Follow the character Willie Juan, a lonely boy who finds belonging in the eyes of the mysterious Man of Sorrows, through three distinct seasons of his life: morning, noon, and night. Each season is filled with memorable characters, significant wounds, and lingering questions. More than a charming tale, Patched Together is a remarkable story in which readers will see themselves. Willie Juan and readers alike will be connected by the thread that ties all the patches together—the everlasting truth that in the end, only Abba's love remains.

My Story

My Story Author Lynn Richardson Jackson
ISBN-10 1467837954
Release 2008-06-12
Pages 200
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This is not a story of overcoming adversity, but simply one of embracing change as an integral part of a full and happy life. It is the story of growing up in the Baltimore, Maryland suburb of Catonsville through the 40s and 50s, during a time in our history when family values and traditions were strong, into the turbulent 60s and 70s. Diary and journal writing for over 50 years, along with independent travel while living and working in Europe for the US Armed Forces, eased the transition through the many stages of the author's life. Moving towards retirement, the pieces began to take shape in quiet moments on a pastorial island in the Portuguese Azores that shared many of her treasured values of childhood.

Aspies Alone Together

Aspies Alone Together Author Elaine M Day
ISBN-10 1496002407
Release 2014-02-18
Pages 86
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The autobiography of Elaine Day, a woman who grew up with undiagnosed Asperger Syndrome and a survival guide she has created for other women on the spectrum. Not just for those learning about AS as adults, this guide is helpful to any woman suffering from AS and describes some of the differences between men and women with Asperger Syndrome.

My Life My Story

My Life  My Story Author Gaileene Bogany
ISBN-10 9781477266267
Release 2012-09-26
Pages 146
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Gaileene Bogany was no saint, as you will read. She was merely a woman who was trying to find love in all the wrong places. Growing up, you will find she was in a totally strict environment, closed in a box that had a great impact on her life. There weren’t many choices at the time. It was going to be one-way and that way was the way of Church rd. Gaileene was given a gift at the age of nine to play the piano. She began playing her first piano chords, at the age of eleven. Eventually she had become good enough to play for the local church, in her neighborhood, which held twenty church members. Her parents: Olean and Cleavin Davis knew she had a gift of playing therefore, they sent her to Idlebird School of Music, were she learned how to play the piano skillfully. Nevertheless, It was within her to be a great musician. She was raised in Houston, Texas, born with ambition that launched her to write about her life adventure. Today, She is a musician, producer; stage play writer and can now add to her book of memoirs, an author.

Sarah s Story They cruelly stole my childhood Here is my story of recovery and triumph

Sarah s Story   They cruelly stole my childhood  Here is my story of recovery and triumph Author Sarah Preston
ISBN-10 9781857828559
Release 2008-03-03
Pages 300
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The words came from his mouth, 'Don't say anything about this to your mum. She won't believe you.'At the age of eleven, a beautiful happy girl found herself thrust into a nightmare of abuse and violation that ripped her world apart. At the mercy of three men, she endured a four-year ordeal of sexual exploitation and degradation before eventually finding the strength to say 'no more'. Confusion and shame made her keep her secret for sixteen years. This is her remarkable story.Sarah has endured what no child should. Subjected to extreme abuse from a family 'friend', she turned to her father only to experience the same treatment from him. Utterly devastated, Sarah even started to wonder if she was somehow to blame for this most unforgivable of betrayals and was driven to attempted suicide - a life was nearly destroyed by the selfishness of three deeply troubled and wicked men.A survivor who has somehow found salvation, Sarah's experiences bear testament to the enduring strength of the human spirit in the most unthinkable of situations. "Sarah's Story" is a story of how love and courage eventually enabled an astonishing individual triumph over a childhood stolen by the evil of others.This is not just another story of triumph over a difficult past. Sarah's story is as harrowing and moving as "A Child Called It" and will appeal to a similar audience.

Telling My Story The Journey of a Ghetto Girl

Telling My Story  The Journey of a Ghetto Girl Author Allesley Officer
ISBN-10 9781462051571
Release 2011-10-10
Pages 80
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Author Allesley Officer has had just one wish her entire life—to be loved. Even though she has always known the Creator of the universe cared for her, she never truly understood the depth of His love until her life became a suicidal travesty. Officer begins her memoir by candidly detailing her life as a young girl growing up in the inner-city of Kingston, Jamaica. Born to a twenty-one-year-old unwed mother of two other children, Officer’s journey was often difficult as she was shuttled back and forth between her mother and father’s homes. Repeatedly molested by first a stepsister and then a family friend, Officer relays how she finally told her father—and was shocked when he did nothing. As she shares the details of her lifelong battle with suicidal thoughts and images fueled by years of sexual abuse, low self-esteem, and self-loathing, she also provides hope to others by illustrating how she was eventually able to rise above life’s challenges and learn to love herself once again. Telling My Story: The Journey of a Ghetto Girl shares one woman’s poignant journey of survival that will remind women everywhere to never forget their inner beauty, no matter how difficult life becomes.

My Story

My Story Author Trish Dearn
ISBN-10 0992334276
Release 2013
Pages 23
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My Story, part of The Together Stories, is blank for children to write their own story and to understand that their story is as important as the others in the book set. It can also provide a memento for the family of their hospital treatment. The Together Stories, a series of eight story books, has been written to assist young children adapt to the physical and psychological changes associated with cancer treatment and life after cancer. Through story telling, these books present a creative way in which parents can help their child's adjustment and potentially find their own voices and stories to tell. The books have been written with the ordinary experiences of Australian children in mind, with the intention of helping children affected by illness to reintegrate into their communities and traverse the bridge that lies between hospital life and preschool and school life.

My Story My Truth

My Story  My Truth Author Kimberly L. Bonnell
ISBN-10 9781420865714
Release 2007-12
Pages 340
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My Story My Truth has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from My Story My Truth also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full My Story My Truth book for free.

My Book is My Story

My Book is My Story Author LA Virgil-Maldonado
ISBN-10 9781477278772
Release 2013-03-07
Pages 360
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This book is a poetic journey comprised of mini chapters resembling a modern day Biblical Psalms. Like Psalms, this is a writer’s deepest expressions, sincerest conversations with God and the depiction of hope in Him. Despite the mess ups, there is true repentance, and compassion for us as individuals and moreover as a human race. The Holy Spirit has guided me and God has sustained my life so that I can proclaim His works. Although some may see this as controversial I plead with you to be non judgmental for these are my encounters, stories, accounts, events and thoughts that many experience but are afraid of expressing in fear of being seen as odd. Hopefully as you journey with me you will realize that we are more of the same than different, especially when we recognize that it is all about being led by our Creator. When in doubt I dare you to try Him out! Take the challenge and surrender to that which already lies within you, just turn on that light switch, who I call friend, guide, comforter, vindicator and most of all partner. Put your seatbelt on and embrace my limitless journey with the Holy Spirit!

My Story

My Story Author Carolyn Kubisky
ISBN-10 9781469128085
Release 2012-03-27
Pages 48
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A young woman in the 1970 ́s running wild in society, drinking, smoking marijuana and partying with the wrong crowds lead to a disease that was very incurable at the time. She was at her death bed and if she was ever to recover from the disease she would never be able to have children. While she was in the Hospital a sister of hers told her about God and she found the void in her life and replaced doing drugs and drinking and hanging out with the wrong crowds with having a personal relationship with God. She has been healed from the disease and now is the very first female survivor of Good-Pastures Syndrome.

My Story as an Alcoholic

My Story as an Alcoholic Author Angel Anderson
ISBN-10 9781453509463
Release 2010-07-01
Pages 56
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My Story as an Alcoholic has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from My Story as an Alcoholic also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full My Story as an Alcoholic book for free.

You Don t Know My Story

You Don   t Know My Story Author Sunshine
ISBN-10 9781499009491
Release 2014-05-08
Pages 134
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You don’t know my about my life and the people in my life. I express the joy, hurt, and heartaches I had to endure in my life. I truly have a story to tell. Being me wasn’t easy, but I’m here. God had to test me many times, but He was always there to pick me back up from falls. Because of Him is why I’m still standing today. Everything happens in its timing and season. Now is my time to give birth to what God has placed in me; so my contraction, labor pains, discomforts, and overdue was not in vain. God knew when the time would be for me to birth out to you my purpose that He placed in me. My story is here to heal, deliver, mend, comfort, support, and help someone move forward. I ask myself many times why me. I was given the strength to endure what I went thru to stand in the gap for another. I was the chosen one for this assignment. To show how the broken can be mended, that pieces can be put back together, and the dull can still shine. If God could do it for me; He can do it for you. I pray my story motivates, inspires, empowers, and show someone a new light.

It s My Story

It s My Story Author Roger Searcy
ISBN-10 9780595258956
Release 2002
Pages 204
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Do you remember ducktails...going parking...and being scared to death? Do you remember hanging out at the local drive-in...or the beach? Do you remember your first love and the pain of breaking up? Then, go back to the Fifties and Sixties and relive those glorious teenage years--as told only by someone who lived them can tell. The setting is Bainbridge, Georgia-- population 10,000--but it could be Milam, Texas...or Aimes, Iowa. You'll recognize the characters-they lived in every small town. And you'll recognize the Fifties as they really were. "This book is hilarious! It has drama, suspense, humor and that universal appeal I call...commonality! You'll laugh, you'll cry and your heart will break as Roger Searcy retells the stories of his youth."--Ramsey Horton, Greenwood, South Carolina.

My Story

My Story Author Orla Tinsley
ISBN-10 9781444725537
Release 2011-09-15
Pages 300
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Orla Tinsley is well known as a campaigner for the rights of people with Cystic Fibrosis in Ireland. In her memoir, she takes us on a journey into the inner world of a child whose home from home was hospital, yet who from an early age refused to allow her illness to define her. It is also a story about coming of age in today's Ireland, as Orla takes us through school, college and the pursuit of a dream to become a writer. She describes how her love of poetry and drama sustained her through difficult times, and how writing in her journal was often a lifeline. She also tells of coming to terms with the loss of young friends through CF, and her at times maverick fight to improve an under-par health system that, for those with CF, delivers a lesser life expectancy in Ireland than anywhere else in Europe. Orla's family instilled in her a mind-over-matter philosophy from an early age: if you can't do something one way, keep trying until you find another. Salty Baby reveals the path of a young woman known for her fighting spirit: deeply personal, at times shocking, always honest, and ultimately hopeful.

My Story Living with Ocd

My Story Living with Ocd Author Natalie Young
ISBN-10 9781847475602
Release 2011-06-01
Pages 17
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DescriptionThis short book is in two parts, the first is an autobiographical account of the authior's experience of OCD, her hospitalization and treatment, amongst other things. The second part is a more discursive treatment of the subject. Both parts, with their different approaches, will be an invaluable, from the horses's mouth, guide to anyone with an interest in OCD. About the AuthorNatalie Young is a strong woman, with much experience and guidance to offer. She is also a mother.

Jonah My Story

Jonah   My Story Author Jonah Lomu
ISBN-10 9781869713126
Release 2012-08-13
Pages 384
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He was rugby’s first truly international celebrity and he remains one of the game’s greatest heroes. A decade after the publication of his blockbuster autobiography, Jonah Lomu opens up like never before about life after the All Blacks. In this deeply moving, sometimes explosive update to Jonah: My Story, the big man talks candidly of his life and his loves, of reconciliation and betrayal, and of the tragic illness that has been the one constant in his life since he first thundered on to the world’s sporting stage. It’s 10 years since he played his final match for the All Blacks, but still Jonah Lomu remains the most recognisable rugby face on the planet. In this much awaited update to his 2004 best-selling biography, Jonah talks about the highs and lows of that last decade with candour and honesty. Packed with astonishing revelations, including the split with his long-time manager, the breakdown of his marriage and the deeply moving reconciliation with his father, Jonah is also open about his on-going health problems. He details his brave battle with nephrotic syndrome, which eventually led to a kidney transplant and talks about his current health situation, which sees him again in complete renal failure and requiring a second transplant. Despite the cruel hand Jonah Lomu has been dealt, he remains cheery and optimistic, sharing the good times along with the bad — including his joy at becoming a father and how his two young sons have helped save him from the ‘dark times’.