Millionen Author Frank Cottrell Boyce
ISBN-10 3551359962
Release 2011
Pages 253
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Millionen has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Millionen also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Millionen book for free.

A Million Little Pieces

A Million Little Pieces Author James Frey
ISBN-10 0385508840
Release 2003-04-15
Pages 352
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Intense, unpredictable, and instantly engaging, A Million Little Pieces is a story of drug and alcohol abuse and rehabilitation as it has never been told before. Recounted in visceral, kinetic prose, and crafted with a forthrightness that rejects piety, cynicism, and self-pity, it brings us face-to-face with a provocative new understanding of the nature of addiction and the meaning of recovery. By the time he entered a drug and alcohol treatment facility, James Frey had taken his addictions to near-deadly extremes. He had so thoroughly ravaged his body that the facilityís doctors were shocked he was still alive. The ensuing torments of detoxification and withdrawal, and the never-ending urge to use chemicals, are captured with a vitality and directness that recalls the seminal eye-opening power of William Burroughsís Junky. But A Million Little Pieces refuses to fit any mold of drug literature. Inside the clinic, James is surrounded by patients as troubled as he is -- including a judge, a mobster, a one-time world-champion boxer, and a fragile former prostitute to whom he is not allowed to speak ó but their friendship and advice strikes James as stronger and truer than the clinicís droning dogma of How to Recover. James refuses to consider himself a victim of anything but his own bad decisions, and insists on accepting sole accountability for the person he has been and the person he may become--which runs directly counter to his counselors' recipes for recovery. James has to fight to find his own way to confront the consequences of the life he has lived so far, and to determine what future, if any, he holds. It is this fight, told with the charismatic energy and power of One Flew over the Cuckoo's Nest, that is at the heart of A Million Little Pieces: the fight between one young manís will and the ever-tempting chemical trip to oblivion, the fight to survive on his own terms, for reasons close to his own heart. A Million Little Pieces is an uncommonly genuine account of a life destroyed and a life reconstructed. It is also the introduction of a bold and talented literary voice.

Four Million Dollar Typo

Four Million Dollar Typo Author Sandford F. Borins
ISBN-10 0919696368
Release 1984-01-01
Pages 26
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Four Million Dollar Typo has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Four Million Dollar Typo also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Four Million Dollar Typo book for free.

Million Dollar Baby

Million Dollar Baby Author Craig Sodaro
ISBN-10 088680275X
Release 1987-05-01
Pages 60
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Million Dollar Baby has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Million Dollar Baby also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Million Dollar Baby book for free.

The Million rand Teaspoon

The Million rand Teaspoon Author Nikki Ridley
ISBN-10 9781770073210
Release 2006-01-01
Pages 219
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The million-rand teaspoon is a true story, told by several narrators, of a young man's descent into drug addiction, a serious overdose that left him blind and brain-damaged, and his struggle to recover over the next nine years.

How to Become a Million Dollar Real Estate Agent in Your First Year

How to Become a Million Dollar Real Estate Agent in Your First Year Author Susan Smith Alvis
ISBN-10 9781601380418
Release 2007
Pages 285
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You will learn to quickly attract new prospects, get the highest possible commissions, and get return business and referrals, while still having a life outside of work. In this new book you will learn: how NOT to make the big mistakes most new agents make, licensing and exam fees, Multiple Listing Service (MLS), local Board of Realtors, real estate boards, expenses of doing business, your vehicle and insurance coverage, sales techniques, simple methods to get hundreds of referrals, how to make buyers and sellers happy, how to quickly and easily locate the best deals for your customer, presenting offers, software programs that make running your business effortless, the luxury housing market, dealing with FSBO's, the commercial market, secrets to using the Internet, setting up a record keeping and computer system, brokers and how to work with them, your professional image, the new frontier, online tools and ideas, and much more.

A Million Nightingales

A Million Nightingales Author Susan Straight
ISBN-10 9780307488268
Release 2008-11-26
Pages 368
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From National Book Award finalist Susan Straight comes a haunting historical novel about a Louisiana slave girl's perilous journey to freedom.Daughter of an African mother and a white father she never knew, Moinette is a house maid on a plantation south of New Orleans. At fourteen she is sold, separated from her mother without a chance to say goodbye. Bright, imaginative and well aware of everything she risks, Moinette at once begins to prepare for an opportunity to escape. Inspired by a true story, A Million Nightingales portrays Moinette’s experience–and the treacherous world she must navigate–with uncommon richness, intricacy, and drama. From the Trade Paperback edition.

33 Million People in the Room

33 Million People in the Room Author Juliette Powell
ISBN-10 9780137154357
Release 2009-01-01
Pages 154
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Social networks aren't just a trend anymore: they're a permanent reality - and they offer immense opportunities to businesspeople who are innovative and committed enough to take advantage of them. In this book, leading social networking consultant Juliette Powell reveals how dozens of innovators are driving real ROI through social networks. Powell's wide-ranging case studies include technology, media and gaming companies, leaders in fashion, beauty, publishing, finance, retail, event planning, and beyond. These powerful narratives illuminate the reality of doing business on today's social networks as never before. Through them, Powell introduces newly-emerged best practices, demonstrates how to avoid crucial pitfalls, and helps you prepare For The very latest trends in online social networking. Drawing on recent research in social psychology, Powell connects the dots, revealing the human dynamics and patterns that consistently underlie successful social networking initiatives. Along the way, she offers practical tools and advice for optimizing every stage of your own social networking initiative, from planning through measurement. The techniques in 33 Million People in the Room can help you build your company, introduce new products and services, and strengthen your brands whatever they are: business or personal!

How to Market Your Way to a Million Dollar Professional Service Practice

How to Market Your Way to a Million Dollar Professional Service Practice Author Bob Serling
ISBN-10 9781411675827
Release 2006-05
Pages 250
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This is a collection of four works by Bob Serling on how to build your Professional Service oriented business into a million dollar powerhouse. Practical advice and sample marketing information are provided. In addition, purchasing this book entitles to reader to download four pre-recorded QA sessions with the author

If I Had a Million Onions

If I Had a Million Onions Author Sheree Fitch
ISBN-10 9781896580784
Release 2005-01-01
Pages 63
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Rhyming, sing-song text enhance a poetry collection that includes the title poem. By the author of Peek-a-Little Boo and There Were Monkeys in My Kitchen.

Adopted Family in a Million

Adopted  Family in a Million Author Barbara McMahon
ISBN-10 9781426832604
Release 2009-05-01
Pages 192
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When Zack Morgan discovers he's a father, and that his little boy was given up for adoption, he decides to find him. He has to know his son is okay. Life is a struggle for single mom Susan Johnson, but she loves being Danny's mother. When Zack unexpectedly comes into their lives, he lights up their world. Zack intended to keep his distance, but he's found the family of his dreams. Only, Susan has no idea who he really is….

The Million Dollar Financial Services Practice

The Million Dollar Financial Services Practice Author David J. Mullen Jr.
ISBN-10 9780814431740
Release 2013-01-15
Pages 352
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Other books have claimed to help readers build a lucrative financial services practice...but it was The Million-Dollar Financial Services Practice that provided ambitious financial advisors with a step-by-step, tactical process proven to work. The second edition is updated throughout and contains new strategies for acquiring affluent clients and assets by providing Wealth Management services, using social media and “Alumni Marketing,” targeting successful realtors as clients, and much more. Using the method he has taught at Merrill Lynch and is famous for in the industry, author David J. Mullen, Jr. shows how anyone—no matter where they are in their career—can get the appointment, convert prospects to clients, build relationships, retain clients, use niche marketing successfully, and increase the products and services each client uses. Packed with templates, scripts, letters, and tried-and-true Market Action Plans, the book provides readers with the tools and guidance they need to take their financial services practice to the million-dollar level and beyond.

Official Get Rich Guide to Information Marketing Build a Million Dollar Business Within 12 Months

Official Get Rich Guide to Information Marketing  Build a Million Dollar Business Within 12 Months Author Robert Skrob
ISBN-10 9781599184104
Release 2011-03-29
Pages 272
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The founders of the Information Marketing Association and 30 ultra-successful information marketers reveal carefully guarded information on building a highly profitable information marketing business. The 2nd edition offers new cases and success stories, new chapters on social networking and over 40 new ways to make money with information products. The indisputable gurus of the information marketing world have broken ranks. Formerly relegated to the information marketing industry's typical fare of high-priced audio CDs, manuals and courses, once carefully guarded information on building a highly profitable information marketing business has been released to the general public in book form. Most info-marketers are lone wolf, small, quiet operators, many with home-based businesses, most with zero or just a few employees, most working only part-time hours, and most netting seven-figure profits. In other words, there is no reason any reader of this book can't do exactly the same thing in just a few short months. Readers create an entirely new business that gives them added income or replaces their current salary entirely. It just takes the information they already know and the simple nine-step formula in this unprecedented book. Time and again, this formula has been proven to work--to the point where most info-marketers have a million-dollar business in just a year.

Mathematics for the Million How to Master the Magic of Numbers

Mathematics for the Million  How to Master the Magic of Numbers Author Lancelot Hogben
ISBN-10 9780393347227
Release 1993-09-17
Pages 656
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"It makes alive the contents of the elements of mathematics."—Albert Einstein Taking only the most elementary knowledge for granted, Lancelot Hogben leads readers of this famous book through the whole course from simple arithmetic to calculus. His illuminating explanation is addressed to the person who wants to understand the place of mathematics in modern civilization but who has been intimidated by its supposed difficulty. Mathematics is the language of size, shape, and order—a language Hogben shows one can both master and enjoy.

George s Kaddish for Kovno and the Six Million

George s Kaddish for Kovno and the Six Million Author Catherine Gong
ISBN-10 9781499083576
Release 2009-02-24
Pages 126
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After interviewing a Holocaust survivor who took clandestine photographs of the Kovno Ghetto at great risk, a graduate student stumbles over a diary chronicling the same time and place during Nazi occupation. She soon discovers that photographer, George Kaddish is one of only two known Jewish photographers who recorded ghetto life, but most importantly she learns that hope and humanity still exist.

A Million Words And Counting

A Million Words And Counting Author Paul J.J. Payack
ISBN-10 9780806535609
Release 2008-05-01
Pages 224
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From Babel to Babble . . . Everyone is Speaking English In 2007, the English language passed the million-word mark. That shouldn't come as a surprise since over a billion Earthlings speak English (no one knows about other planets, but they probably speak it, too). That makes for a lot of word-coiners (neologists) out there. And where are all these new words coming from? Hollywood? Technology? The Internet? Corporate boardrooms? Youthspeak? How do world events--from tsunamis and hurricanes to political doublespeak and presidential linguistic bumbling--influence the words we use on a daily basis? What do e-mails, text messages, and emoticons contribute to the language? Let WordMan Paul J.J. Payack take you on a global tour of English-speaking worlds--virtual and otherwise: • From India, Singapore, and China, to Australia, the U.S. and the U.K. • From film, television, fashion, music, politics, sports, games, business, technology and science • From TV junkies, fashionistas and sports fans, to amateur historians and linguists • And from every other source that contributes to the global tapestry of English Get ready for a whirlwind tour of our increasingly global culture and how it becomes that way. A Million Words? Fundoo! Podcast, Chinglish, truthiness, crunk. Just a year or two ago, these words were gibberish to most English speakers. Today they pop up in everyday conversation worldwide, just four of the ten thousand new words added to the English language every year. Spurred by the universality of the Internet--where it is the de facto lingua franca--and the global reach of its media, English is growing at a rate unprecedented in its 1500-year history. Indeed, in the spring of 2007, the English word count surpassed a million--over ten times the number available in French. At the crest of this linguistic tsunami surfs Paul J.J. Payack, aka the WordMan. As president of the Global Language Monitor, he has tracked the latest developments--the fascinating hybrids, the bizarre etymologies, the lasting malapropisms--in the language shared by two billion of the Earth's citizens. Aided by a worldwide network of similarly obsessed "language mavens" and armed with his own powerful word-counting algorithm, Payack ensures that no new English word falls from the tongue or marks the page without being counted toward the Million Word March. A Million Words and Counting is a celebration of the vast variety and ever-evolving expressiveness of humanity's most universal language. Fun and informative, this guide is a joyful exploration of English as it spreads across the globe, as it is spoken today, and as it expands into the future. Each entertaining chapter of this ambitious linguistic survey examines another source of new English, including Hollywood, youth culture, other languages, corporate boardrooms, and tongue-tied presidents. An engaging compendium of English-language facts and factoids, this is a trivia lover's goldmine and a logophile's playground.

Million Dollar Web Presence

Million Dollar Web Presence Author Chad Barr
ISBN-10 9781613081716
Release 2012-04-01
Pages 244
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Hidden among the chaos and hype, there are secrets to success on the web. Globally renowned internet expert Chad Barr and business strategist and bestselling author Alan Weiss, reveal them - and show you how to use them to amploify your web presence and profits. Using the unmatched reach of the web, entrepreneurs are empowered to take a more tactical, brand-driven approach to attracting new clients and reinforcing the relationships with their current clientele—quickly raising the bar to produce better results for their brand and their business. Starting with their website, Weiss and Barr reveal five critical areas that can be immediately enhanced to emphasize creditability and instantly build trust among visitors. Entrepreneurs also discover how to outfit their site with new tools, products and offerings that pull visitors in, keep them captivated, and compel them to keep coming back. Weiss and Barr then coach thought leaders in capitalizing on today’s social web, delivering a strategic plan to uncovering opportunity in online communities, social networks, and other popular platforms—allowing them to showcase their greatest business draw: their expertise. Entrepreneurs also learn which components are critical to their success as a thought leader, gaining valuable insight into trending technologies like mobile devices to help them in determining which avenues are of the greatest gain. Offering support such as assessments, real-life examples, screen shots, and access to free downloads, tutorials, and more, Weiss and Barr deliver a comprehensive plan to help entrepreneurs enhance their online efforts and strategically elevate their brand, and ultimately, their business.