Pikachu in Love

Pikachu in Love Author Tracy West
ISBN-10 1338174797
Release 2016-11-29
Pages 32
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A full-color, easy-to-read format featuring popular Pokemon, Pikachu and Togepi! Pikachu is in love with Team Rocket! Team Rocket drank a love potion made in the Flower of a Pokemon named Shuckle. Now any Pokemon who looks at them falls in love! Can Ash and his friends stop Team Rocket before they steal all the lovestruck Pokemon?

The Animals We Love The Animals of Ebenezer

The Animals We Love   The Animals of Ebenezer Author Paul F. Soderquist
ISBN-10 9781312080041
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The Animals We Love The Animals of Ebenezer has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from The Animals We Love The Animals of Ebenezer also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full The Animals We Love The Animals of Ebenezer book for free.

Quarter Love

Quarter Love Author Mohit Sharma
Release 2016-07-30
Pages 305
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Quarter love is about a Hindi medium boy Aviral who take the admission in a reputed college. He left his mark in the college community with his dedication and behavior. Aviral never wanted to get distracted but he also got caught by the teen agers Florence and became a criminal in his own eyes. He never fought but this time he fought for his broken trust. Before his mark will get vanish, he supported himself.

Pikachu s Global Adventure

Pikachu s Global Adventure Author Joseph Tobin
ISBN-10 0822332876
Release 2004-02-05
Pages 299
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DIVPokemon in a transnational and multidisciplinary perspective./div

Diary of a Sheriff Pikachu 3 Superior Seven

Diary of a Sheriff Pikachu 3 Superior Seven Author Clarence Lefort
ISBN-10 1539874028
Release 2016-11-02
Pages 50
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Age Level: 9 - 12 Grade Level: 4th and up Sheriff Pikachu returns for his biggest battle yet Team Rocket invades PokeCreek, and Sheriff Pikachu, Bounty Hunter Raichu, Mayor Marill and Blacksmith Magmar need to figure out a way to stop them. Raichu roams across the Wild West hunting for the best cowboys in the land to take a stand against Team Rocket. He recruits a wandering Marowak, a crazy old Carbink and a sage Sceptile to help fight against this epic threat. Pikachu stays in town to set up traps to ensure that Team Rocket is stopped right in their tracks. When they invade, they'll be dealing with the seven strongest Pokemon in all the Wild West! If you love cowboys, battling, Pokemon-or hopefully all three!-you're going to love Diary fo Sheriff Pikachu 3. Whether it's your first time in the Pokemon Wild West, or you're a returning reader, you'll love the epic world presented that will never be seen in the games or on the show! Readers of all ages will love the action, adventure and humor of Sheriff Pikachu. Plus, with full-color illustrations, it will really feel like you're out on the range with all your PokePals! Come on down to PokeCreek, partner! Have yourself a good time!

Love Is The Best Medicine

Love Is The Best Medicine Author Nick Trout
ISBN-10 9780748118311
Release 2011-11-17
Pages 304
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British vet, Nick Trout, a modern day James Herriot working in Boston, USA, returns with a completely captivating true story. After exposing the fascinating life of a vet in his previous book, Trout now delves into rich emotional territory with the story of two dogs who have had a big impact in his career. Helen was found abandoned in a restaurant parking lot one rainy night, and despite her mangy condition, a couple falls in love with her. But just as she is rescued from the streets, a tumor is discovered and she's given a devastating prognosis. Chloe is suffering from chronic leg fractures which devastate her owner. Enter Dr Trout, who presides over what should be routine surgeries, until the unthinkable happens. LOVE IS THE BEST MEDICINE immerses readers in the true life drama of saving dearly loved pets, and underscores the incredible responsibility Nick carries as their healer. Fresh, charming, and intensely affecting, it's a one of a kind story.

Everything Cats Expect You to Know

Everything Cats Expect You to Know Author Elizabeth Martyn
ISBN-10 1845379535
Release 2007
Pages 256
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A compendium of cat facts, folklore, humour and quotations, this book offers insights into what it's like to be a cat, lots of practical information on caring for your cat, and attempts to explain their body language and (mis)behaviour

Love can only be on paper

Love can only be on paper Author Vandana Dheer
Release 2015-12-18
Pages 195
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A love story which blossoms at every corner of India, but does all love stories have a happy ending or few also have a lesson for life? With high hope, Nikky ends up meeting Maddy and falls in love with him. She is ready to do anything that would make him happy. She would always tell him, "I have loved you so much that just to make your life a paradise, I'm willing to go through any pain even if it means living a life in hell!" In today's world one is willing to sacrifice all the happiness for the love, Nikky did the same. But does the changed Nikky get all she wanted?

Diary of a Sheriff Pikachu Fury at Pokecreek

Diary of a Sheriff Pikachu Fury at Pokecreek Author Clarence Lefort
ISBN-10 1537786326
Release 2016-09-21
Pages 52
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Age Level: 9 - 12 | Grade Level: 4th and up Howdy cowboy! Come on down to Pokemon wild west and we'll show you a good, old time. There's crime fighting, crook stopping, strong friendship and explosive Pokemon battling for all to enjoy! PokeCreek is usually a peaceful, desert town--until criminal Pokemon try to take over! Sheriff Pikachu is the town's only police officer. He's a clever, brave and strong sheriff who just wants to keep his friends safe. When the evil Granbull Gang attacks, he must save Mayor Marill and the rest of PokeCreek's residents from outlaw danger! Pikachu faces kidnapping, bank robbery, horse chases, crook lassoing and a sunset duel all in the name of protecting PokeCreek. It's a rick-rollicking adventure for Pokemon fans new and old! There's action, adventure and, most of all, crazy Pokemon battles in a cowboy setting you'll never see in the games or the show! Readers will love Sheriff Pikachu for his homespun wisdom and his cowboy grit and determination. If you love Minecraft Diaries, the Pokemon franchise, cowboys and the old Wild West--or maybe even all three--you'll love this book! It's fast-paced, funny, and a cool, new, original story you'll only find here. Grab your cowboy hat and get ready to go to the Wild West with Sheriff Pikachu!

The Encyclopedia of Addictive Drugs

The Encyclopedia of Addictive Drugs Author Richard Lawrence Miller
ISBN-10 0313318077
Release 2002
Pages 491
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Draws together information from a variety of sources to list and describe more than 130 addictive drugs, including both natural substances and pharmaceutical products.

Clever as a Fox

Clever as a Fox Author Sonja Ingrid Yoerg
ISBN-10 0674008707
Release 2002
Pages 228
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A study of animal intelligence reevaluates humankind's complex relationship with animals, explaining how we define and measure how animals learn, and why we have decided that some animals are smarter than others.

Echos Of Cries Unheard

Echos Of Cries Unheard Author Pattie Marsiglio
ISBN-10 9781682890028
Release 2016-02-16
Pages 102
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The echoes of their cries unheard only to those beyond the walls. Then their tears ran down their face only for a moment when the angels appeared. Then that very moment their tears went away. Only for a moment when our anger took over. That very moment calm set in and the sweet whispers began and our anger went away. Through those sweet whispers that only our hearts can hear. I can only say their tears are no more they are sweet angels today.

The Billionaire s Love

The Billionaire s Love Author Alexia Praks
Release 2017-11-03
Pages 294
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The Billionaire’s Love is a new adult contemporary romance featuring a compassionate alpha male hero and a sweet, gentle heroine with a dark past. They are flawed, funny, passionate, and very relatable for readers who enjoy contemporary romance and women’s fiction with strong family value and character growth. After the death of her beloved grandmother, Chandra Chandler, known affectionately as Chan, and her two sisters move to Australia to escape their tormented past and build a better life. When a fortune-teller reveals to Chan she will fall in love with a man who is as bright as the sun, she dismisses the very idea as nothing more than hocus pocus. Love, she knows, is beyond her reach. But when the drop-dead gorgeous Sam Harrington and his cute daughter waltz into her life, Chan’s world turns upside down. Sam draws her to him like a moth to a flame with his good looks, charismatic personality, and kindness. Most of all, his warm gaze and gentle touches tempt her with the promise of hot seduction—a dangerous territory she is very afraid to enter, yet longs to experience. And what about the handsome Jeremy who is courting her? The man who, according to her fortune reading, is destined to be her soul mate? Is her attraction to Sam nothing more than a short, intense blaze? Or is it something more? After the death of his wife in a freak accident, multibillionaire Sam Harrington is sick of women throwing themselves at his feet simply because they are attracted to his enormous bank account and good looks. When he accidentally bumps into a woman named Chan, he instantly knows she is different. He finds he is powerfully attracted to her, and to his surprise, overwhelmingly wants her. Then he realizes Chan is dating his cousin Jeremy, but he relentlessly courts her none the less, if only to get to know her better and be with her for a stolen moment. When he discovers this strong, beautiful woman is broken inside and in danger of losing herself, he vows to protect and love her unconditionally. Chan must make the ultimate choice, Sam or Jeremy? Keywords: billionaire, alpha hero, steamy new adult contemporary romance, bride, wedding, free book.

Gregs Tagebuch 11 Alles K se

Gregs Tagebuch 11   Alles K  se Author Jeff Kinney
ISBN-10 9783732535934
Release 2016-11-04
Pages 224
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Band 11 des Welterfolgs: Greg hat sich von den Strapazen der Schweiß-und-Fleiß-Farm erholt und ist bereit für ein neues Abenteuer. Wir dürfen gespannt sein, was für Idioten ihn diesmal umzingeln und mit welchen brenzligen Situationen er im neuen Band zu kämpfen hat. Zum Glück ist eins sicher: Greg gibt niemals auf und wird uns mit seinen Geschichten auch diesmal begeistern. Angriff auf die Lachmuskeln garantiert!

Music Sound and Multimedia

Music  Sound and Multimedia Author Jamie Sexton
ISBN-10 9780748630905
Release 2007-11-14
Pages 224
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This new series aims to explore the area of "e;screen music"e;. Volume topics will include multimedia music, music and television, Hollywood film music, and the music of Bollywood cinema.Music and other sound effects have been central to a whole host of media forms throughout the twentieth century, either as background, accompaniment, or main driving force. Such interactions will continue to mutate in new directions, with the widespread growth of digital technologies. Despite the expansion of research into the use of music and sound in film, the investigation of sonic interactions with other media forms has been a largely under-researched area. Music, Sound and Multimedia provides a unique study of how music and other sounds play a central part in our understandings and uses of a variety of communications media. It focuses on four areas of sound and music within broader multimedia forms - music videos, video game music, performance and presentation, and production and consumption - and addresses the centrality of such aural concerns within our everyday experiences. Charting historical developments, mapping contemporary patterns, and speculating on future possibilities, this book is essential for courses on sound and media within media and communications studies, cultural studies and popular music studies.Key features* Charts a number of key developments in music and multimedia interactions* Provides both historical overviews and theoretical analyses* Features a number of in-depth case studies of important issues.

Die Geschichte der Liebe

Die Geschichte der Liebe Author Nicole Krauss
ISBN-10 9783644015319
Release 2011-11-01
Pages 544
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Die vierzehnjährige Alma wurde nach der Hauptfigur eines Romans benannt. Leo Gursky hatte den Text als junger Mann in Polen geschrieben, für seine große Liebe Alma. Nun lebt er als einsamer alter Mann in New York. Er weiß nicht, dass das Buch den Holocaust überstanden hat. Bis die junge Alma sich auf die Suche nach ihm macht. «Bezaubernd, zärtlich und sehr originell.» (J. M. Coetzee) «Ein großartiger Roman.» (Spiegel) «Dies ist ein gewaltiges Buch, das unser müdes Herz erfrischt. Nicole Krauss sei gepriesen dafür.» (Colum McCann) «Einfach anfangen zu lesen. Es ist wunderbar.» (Stern) «Ein außergewöhnlicher Roman, lebensprall, klug und poetisch, von eigenwilligem Charme, staunenswerter Anschaulichkeit und gesegnet mit einem zärtlichen Humor.» (FAZ)

Die M hle am Floss

Die M  hle am Floss Author George Eliot
ISBN-10 BSB:BSB10747373
Release 1861
Pages 320
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Die M hle am Floss has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Die M hle am Floss also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Die M hle am Floss book for free.