Survivor s Book of Lists

Survivor s Book of Lists Author Creek Stewart
ISBN-10 0997690607
Release 2016-06-19
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Every survivor needs a little black book. For whatever reason, you may find it necessary to scavenge resources from the nearest abandoned town, restaurant, store-front, or strip mall. A simple check-list of useful survival items can be very helpful in a moment of stress and chaos. This is that list for numerous establishments.

Master the Bow Drill

Master the Bow Drill Author Creek Stewart
ISBN-10 0692719555
Release 2016-07-28
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A step by written and illustrated guide to mastering the bow drill friction fire method.

A Stargazing Program for Beginners

A Stargazing Program for Beginners Author Jamie Carter
ISBN-10 9783319220727
Release 2015-11-20
Pages 419
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Sets out a simple month-by-month program to reveal all of the night sky's biggest and most beautiful secrets in just one year – and with only a few hours of stargazing each month By investing just an hour a week and $50 in binoculars, it’s possible to learn a few simple techniques and quickly gain a real insight into the night sky's ever-changing patterns – and what they tell us about Earth, the seasons and ourselves. Searching more for a learned appreciation of nature and our exact place within the cosmos than academic scientific knowledge, science and travel writer Jamie Carter takes the reader on a 12 month tour of the night sky's incredible annual rhythms that say so much about Earth. During the journey he learns about the celestial mechanics at work in the skies above that are – to the beginner – almost beyond belief. As well as the vital constellations and clusters, and the weird and wonderful nebulas, he searches out “dark sky destinations” across the globe that help increase knowledge and give a new perspective on familiar night sky sights. On the journey he witnesses a solar eclipse and grapples with star-charts, binoculars, smartphone apps, telescopes, spots satellites and attempts basic astro-photography. By year's end, the reader will be able to glance at the night sky from anywhere on the planet and tell what direction he or she is facing, what time it is, where all the planets are and even where the Galactic Center Point is.

Survival Tarp Shelters

Survival Tarp Shelters Author Stewart
ISBN-10 0997690615
Release 2016-08
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Canopy shelters represent an entire class of survival shelters. This field guide by Survival Instructor Creek Stewart teaches everything you need to know in order to master the art of canopy sheltering. Learn 8 essential knots (with video tutorials), 9 universal tarp shelter configurations and 6 little known woodsman tricks.

Ken Libbrecht s Field Guide to Snowflakes

Ken Libbrecht s Field Guide to Snowflakes Author Kenneth George Libbrecht
ISBN-10 1616739479
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Ken Libbrecht s Field Guide to Snowflakes has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Ken Libbrecht s Field Guide to Snowflakes also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Ken Libbrecht s Field Guide to Snowflakes book for free.

Coat Pocket Bird Book

Coat Pocket Bird Book Author John Gillette
ISBN-10 1882376145
Release 1995
Pages 160
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This book is for birdwatchers who want to know more about 150 common birds of the Great Lakes region than is found in standard field guides. The identification process is organized by size, and there is a discussion of. seasonal plumage changes and family groups.

A Field Guide to Bacteria

A Field Guide to Bacteria Author Betsey Dexter Dyer
ISBN-10 0801488540
Release 2003
Pages 355
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Written for curious souls of all ages, this title opens readers eyes--and noses and ears--to this hidden world. Useful illustrations accompany Dyer's lively text.


Rugosa Author Creek Stewart
ISBN-10 0997690690
Release 2016-11-01
Pages 222
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Follow Omaha, 17, on a treacherous 400-mile journey across the hostile lands of an overthrown America to save the one girl he can't live without. This journey will test every aspect of Omaha: his physical and mental strength, his faith in humanity, and even his love for London. Written by survival instructor Creek Stewart.

The Six Inch Lunar Atlas

The Six Inch Lunar Atlas Author Don Spain
ISBN-10 0387876103
Release 2009-10-03
Pages 260
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Here is a lunar atlas designed specifically for use in the field by lunar observers. Its title – The Six-inch Lunar Atlas – refers both to the aperture of the telescope used to make the images in the book, and also to the book’s physical size: so it’s perfect for fitting into an observer’s pocket! The author’s own lunar photographs were taken with a 6-inch (150mm) telescope and CCD camera, and closely match the visual appearance of the Moon when viewed through a modest (3-inch to 8-inch) telescope. (Depending on seeing, of course.) Each picture is shown oriented "as the Moon really is" when viewed from the northern hemisphere, and is supplemented by exquisite computer sketches that list the main features. Two separate computer sketches are provided to go with each photograph, one oriented to appear as seen through an SCT telescope (e.g. the Meade and Celestron ranges), the other oriented for Newtonian and refracting telescopes. It is worth commenting that most observers find it extremely difficult to identify lunar features when using a conventional atlas and SCT telescope – the human brain is very poor at making "mirror-image" visual translations. There is a page of descriptions for the salient features in each photograph.

Michigan frogs toads and salamanders

Michigan frogs  toads  and salamanders Author James H. Harding
ISBN-10 UOM:39015029580951
Release 1992
Pages 144
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Michigan frogs toads and salamanders has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Michigan frogs toads and salamanders also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Michigan frogs toads and salamanders book for free.

The Siberian Deadfall

The Siberian Deadfall Author Creek Stewart
ISBN-10 0997690658
Release 2016-10
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Master how to carve and set the Siberian Deadfall survival trap. This deadfall originates in the Russian Siberian Forest and is still used by trappers there to catch Sable. Learn every detail of how to carve the ingenious trigger system and set this trap to catch a variety of animals in any survival scenario. This is a rare survival deadfall with a trigger system that can be used in a variety of scenarios and terrain. It is very effective and also very easy to make with nothing but a knife. This guide is written by veteran survival instructor Creek Stewart and is complete with tons of detailed illustrations that leave nothing to chance. Sized 4 inches x 6 inches and is perfect for any field coat pocket or backpack. 30 pages.

Rhett Link s Book of Mythicality

Rhett   Link s Book of Mythicality Author Rhett McLaughlin
ISBN-10 9780451496317
Release 2017-10-10
Pages 272
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From the YouTube superstars and creators of Good Mythical Morning comes the ultimate guide to living a “Mythical” life, featuring stories and photos from their lifelong friendship, as well as awesomely illustrated guides, charts, and activities aimed at laughing more, learning more, and never taking yourself too seriously. Thanks for reading this description. You’re obviously a curious person, which means you’ve already taken your first step towards achieving Mythicality. Lucky for you, opening this book is even more rewarding than reading about it online. Within its pages, you'll discover twenty ways to fill your life with curiosity, creativity, and tomfoolery, including Eat Something That Scares You, Make a Bold Hair Choice, Say “I Love You” Like It’s Never Been Said, and more. Along the way, you’ll also find: · Embarrassing stories and photos we'll probably regret sharing · Character Building: The Board Game · An important message from the year 2075 · A quiz to help you determine if you should get a dog · A eulogy you can read at any funeral · Grownup merit badges to earn · Contributions from Mythical Beasts, and much more If you decide to read this book, be warned – there is a high likelihood of increased Mythicality in your life, which means you may soon find yourself laughing more, learning more, and not taking yourself too seriously. This mentality has been known to spread easily to friends and loved ones.

Birds of Ohio

Birds of Ohio Author Stan Tekiela
ISBN-10 159193060X
Release 2004
Pages 273
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Make bird watching in Ohio even more enjoyable! With this field guide, bird identification is simple and informative. There's no need to look through dozens of photos of birds that don't live in Ohio. This book features 111 species of Ohio birds, organized by color for ease of use. Do you see a yellow bird and don't know what it is? Go to the yellow section to find out. Fact-filled information, a compare feature, range maps and detailed photographs help to ensure that you positively identify the birds that you see.

Birds of Colorado Field Guide

Birds of Colorado Field Guide Author Stan Tekiela
ISBN-10 1885061323
Release 2001-10-01
Pages 336
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Offers a field guide to 130 species of Colorado birds, including information on where to find birds in summer, winter, all year, or during migration.

A Field Guide to the Birds of New Zealand

A Field Guide to the Birds of New Zealand Author Julian Fitter
ISBN-10 0691153515
Release 2011
Pages 288
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New Zealand is commonly described as "the land of birds." Now, there is an easy-to-use guide for all those interested in this country's remarkable bird population. A Field Guide to the Birds of New Zealand contains over 600 stunning photographs of the more than 350 bird species likely to be seen in this area of the world. Comprehensive and compact, the book includes full descriptions of all native species and regular visitors, distribution maps and measurements, key information on national parks, and useful information on ongoing conservation efforts in the country. Filled with handy tips for nature enthusiasts wanting to make the most of their trip, this is the only bird guide that anyone exploring this region will need. 600+ color photographs feature more than 350 bird species with full descriptions Distribution maps and measurements Key information on national parks helps readers find the best spots for bird sightings Useful information on conservation efforts Guidelines on sensible behavior for encountering nature at its best

Fire Officer Field Guide

Fire Officer Field Guide Author Paul LeSage
ISBN-10 1890495433
Release 2012-03
Pages 102
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Whether You Are A Command Officer Or A Beginning Fire Fighter, The Fire Officer Field Guide™ Will Prove To Be An Essential Tool Throughout Your Career. This Guide Includes Rapid-Use Checklists For Safe Operational Behaviors, Situational Awareness Tips, RIT Team Activation, Mayday And Rescue Procedures, Incident Command With The Latest NIMS Developments, Hazmat Section With Updated Chemical Characteristics, MCI, Tactical Tips, An Updated Emergency Medical Section, And More. The Fire Officer Field Guide™ Provides Instant Access To Critical Information In An Easy-To-Use Checklist Format. At Only 3"X5," This Guide Fits In Your Pocket, Is Waterproof, Alcohol-Fast And “Street Tough.” This Guide Covers: Rules Of Engagement National ICS Profiles Updated Fire Strategy / Tactics Improved Operations Center Guidelines Mayday And Fire Fighter Rescue Evacuation And Abandon Structure Enhanced WMD And Hazmat Response Special Rescue Situations Incident Command System Updated EMS Section Water Supply And Friction Loss

The Field Guide to Cattle

The Field Guide to Cattle Author Valerie Porter
ISBN-10 0760331928
Release 2008
Pages 144
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"Features over 60 detailed breed profiles; covers physical characteristics, behavior & breeding; contains a handy glossary and resource section."-- Cover, p.1.