Refuel Author Rob Parkman
ISBN-10 9781460225004
Release 2015-06-25
Pages 208
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Are you running on empty? God does not want you to live that way and he has made every provision for you to be replenished physically, emotionally, relationally and spiritually! REFUEL helps you to identify and protect yourself against draining influences in your life and discover the means that God has provided for the restoring of your soul. Get your tank filled so that you will be more fulfilled and effective in your life mission. Don't go another day on empty.

Every Body Matters

Every Body Matters Author Gary L. Thomas
ISBN-10 9780310412250
Release 2011-11-22
Pages 272
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Few pastors or Christian writers have dared to approach the subject of how proper eating and an active lifestyle can affect how we serve God. Author Gary Thomas does just that. And he reaches all the way back to the apostle Paul, who wrote that we need to prime our bodies to become, "an instrument for noble purposes, made holy, useful to the Master and prepared to do any good work." To illustrate the body/soul correlation, Thomas presents engaging and diverse stories that include a young mom who got fit through volleyball and reaped spiritual rewards in her marriage, a 300-pound pastor who realized his obesity was eroding his ministry impact, and a woman who gained the spiritual strength to survive a contentious divorce by training for a marathon. In every instance, Thomas makes a direct connection between the physical challenge and its spiritual consequence.This book is a must read for anyone seeking new and compelling motivation for strengthening their bodies and fortifying their souls.

Strengthen your Soul

Strengthen your Soul Author Fr Andreas Konanos
ISBN-10 9781909550841
Release 2013-06-05
Pages 129
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You always deserve your self-worth. And you deserve it because you are a creature of God, His creation. Because God loves you and the whole heaven watches over you, takes care of you and gives you importance. Even if no one calls you on the phone for a whole day, even if no one speaks to you, there is a tremendous power inside you. You have value and personality. You are a unique being and there is no one like you anywhere on earth. No one is like you, no one has your traits, your gifts and talents, but on the other hand, no one has your problems, your peculiarities and your character in general. You are who you are and you have your own value. Jesus loves you and gives you importance. He wants to strengthen you. How can this be done? With all the ups and downs. One moment you feel that you have Christ and the next you feel you are losing Him. He comes and goes. This is exactly what His disciples felt after the Resurrection, when, desperate and lost in their thoughts, they were walking towards Emmaus. As soon as they had just started feeling their heart aflame for Him, He had shared the bread with them, but as soon as they had started understanding the Lord, He once more went away from them. Why? To make them stronger. He only left a sweet sensation in their soul, warmth, faith and power. To make them believe, to touch and to feel the invisible as present. To make them feel that they hold the One who goes away but leaves behind Him His fragrance, His sweetness, His zeal and the yearning for Him. Christ wants us to love Him, but without having the feeling of certainty that we hold Him. He does not want to give us certainty, but leaves us suspended where we can experience the most exciting flights; make the most beautiful patterns in the sky of His love, and in the sea of life where we are swimming in its waves. You may think that you don’t know where you are going in this vast ocean. Then He tells you: -"Let the wind carry you away", -"But I have no compass. I feel I have nothing", -"Just give in and something good will come out of it". The proceeds from the sale of this book will be donated for the completion of the Church of "Panagia Galaxa, Thalassokratousa".

The Daniel Fast

The Daniel Fast Author Susan Gregory
ISBN-10 1414337132
Release 2011-03-04
Pages 304
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"Are you hungry for more of God in your life? Discover why millions of men and women throughout the world are rediscovering the ancient discipline of fasting--and, as a result, are encountering God in amazing ways. In this authoritative guide, Susan Gregory, 'The Daniel Fast Blogger' and an acknowledge expert on the popular partial fast inspired by the biblical book of Daniel, guides readers toward a successful fasting experience"--Cover, p. 4.

Decrees for Soul Survivors

Decrees for Soul Survivors Author Linda P. Jones
ISBN-10 1543106439
Release 2017-03-02
Pages 80
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'Decrees for Soul Survivors' is the companion booklet to 'Soul Survivor'. It is a compilation of scriptural decrees that Linda used as she made the difficult and painful journey to wholeness. It is the strength she gathered from the word of God that gave her the courage and hope to continue through the dark heart-wrenching days that came, sometimes without reprieve. When you decree God's Word you bring Him on the scene, He comes and establishes His Lordship over every circumstance of your life. The enemy is subdued; the atmosphere changes over your life changes and the power of God activated to heal every hurt, wound, and heartache and settle you in shalom (the peace of God). The Decrees are separated under topic headings e.g., Comfort; Health, Wholeness & Healing; Restoration; Protection from Enemies; Victory... which makes for easy access to the topics you need at any given time. The Scripture References are also listed for your study and meditation

Workout Your Soul

Workout Your Soul Author Sonia Singh
ISBN-10 9781503561663
Release 2015-04-10
Pages 100
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“A strong, undeterred virtuous soul is the key to universal faith—not rigid, dogmatic religion.” This is the main theme of my book. This unique way of life can unite all humans. The Almighty God is one and one alone. Only the routes to him are diverse. All religions have the same virtues for the soul. Only if we look beyond the outer will we reach the true treasure of our inner. This makes you not only blissful but also changes your life for the best. I have discussed each attribute in detail in eighteen chapters—from the magnanimous, untamed ego to the tender, compassionate giving; from the security of love to the hurtfulness of negativity. Awareness in us, common people leading our busy lives, and small changes in our thoughts and emotions can make our family life a paradise. This infectious paradise can begin the altering of this whole world.

Yoga at Your Wall

Yoga at Your Wall Author Stephanie Pappas
ISBN-10 142517213X
Release 2009
Pages 283
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Get inspired to do yoga, safely. Enrich your life, improve your health using an ordinary wall to learn and practice yoga. Includes postures for all levels with hundreds of photos.

BASIC Steps to Godly Fitness

BASIC Steps to Godly Fitness Author Laurette Willis
ISBN-10 9780736935470
Release 2005-04-01
Pages 240
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In this uniquely integrated program, certified personal trainer and aerobic instructor Laurette Willis shares her BASIC (Body And Soul In Christ), step-by-step plan to improve wholeness in body, soul, and spirit. Convinced that diets alone don't work, Laurette shows how lasting change starts on the inside, and she leads readers through a process that will help them turn mundane daily activities and exercises into acts of worship develop a healthy self-image through forgiveness and freedom from addiction experience God's transforming power through praise, prayer, and fasting Laurette provides readers with plenty of practical opportunities for growth, including "PraiseMoves," her own unique Christian system of worship and exercise that she calls "a Christ-centered alternative to yoga."

The Basic Book of the Eucharist

The Basic Book of the Eucharist Author Lawrence G. Lovasik
ISBN-10 9781928832225
Release 2001-01
Pages 210
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Meet Jesus more fruitfully in the Eucharist. Fr. Lovasik helps you recognize Christ's presence in the Eucharist, emphasizing Christ's Sacrifice and showing how you can receive everything that God offers you in the Mass.

Let the Love of Life Be the Strength of Your Soul

Let the Love of Life Be the Strength of Your Soul Author Stacey Chillemi
ISBN-10 9781411669598
Release 2013-01-18
Pages 136
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Let the Love of Life be the Strength of your Soul is the perfect book for the millions of people in who live their lives "one day at a time." These poems will provide you with love, faith, wisdom and encouragement to help get through the rough spots or celebrate victories.The book covers universal themes, making it relevant to all types of situations including relationships, chronic illness, disorders, facing tough obstacles, and traumatic events in your life.Sample Poem Themes Include: Hope, Courage, Love, Anger, Forgiving and more.

Living in Your Soul s Light

Living in Your Soul s Light Author Richard Webster
ISBN-10 9780738733753
Release 2012-08-08
Pages 264
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Strengthen Your Connection with Your Immortal Soul In 2010, popular author Richard Webster had a brush with death. Emerging from that experience, he felt compelled to study and write about the soul—the spiritual and eternal part of each of us. In his friendly and accessible manner, Webster explores beliefs and customs regarding the soul, past lives, and reincarnation in cultures all over the world. Learn about auras, chakras, lucid dreaming, and the planes of existence. Read true accounts of near-death experiences, past-life memories, and encounters with soul mates. Discover the Seven Rays—powerful universal energies that have a profound effect on the soul. Many people believe that every person’s soul is attuned to a particular ray to help it achieve its purpose in this incarnation. Experience the energy of each ray and use the quizzes, meditations, and exercises included here to determine which ray you are using most, and the life purpose you are here to fulfill.

The Heart Soul of Eft and Beyond

The Heart   Soul of Eft and Beyond Author Phillip Mountrose
ISBN-10 9780965378758
Release 2005-07-01
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EFT (the Emotional Freedom Techniques) has been called a modern miracle in healing. As growing numbers of people know, it works quickly and can be used on virtually any issue, and no previous training or experience is needed to succeed. Building on the Mountroses' popular paperback Getting Thru to Your Emotions with EFT, this e-book has hundreds of practical and transformational tips and strategies for using EFT and holistic healing for creating the life you truly desire. "It is a kind of encyclopedia of knowledge in EFT and energy and spiritual healing, written in an easy-to-understand manner. Moreover, the tables and diagrams alone convey many wonderful ideas, methods, and approaches." --Philip Friedman, PhD, author of Creating Well-Being Included are 12 leading EFT Experts' proven tips and strategies for making EFT even easier and more effective in all aspects of your life.Here are highlights of what you will receive in this multi-purpose e-book: * Dozens of practical and transformational tips and strategies for EFT. You can put these into practice immediately, as well as be able to refer to them time and time again.* A pragmatic and spiritual approach to healing that addresses the body-mind-spirit. The Magic Question that can quickly provide clarity when the tapping sequences are not working. * How to use Kinesiology (muscle testing) to pinpoint any issue. Recognize sabotaging beliefs that psychologically reverse you. *15 quick-reference charts and diagrams to make EFT and muscle testing easier and more understandable. * How to center yourself to increase healing and live life more fully. * The Holistic Process, a Mountrose Getting Thru Technique (GTT), which elegantly finds the deeper issues that EFT can then clear. * How to treat being "switched," an energy imbalance that can create a tremendous barrier to healing. Included is information and charts on how to overcome fears of success and fears of getting well. * Knowing your chief defense pattern; application of this knowledge alone can transform and uplift your entire life. * Dealing with energy toxins, which can be behind any symptom or problem. * Three positive installations to greatly enhance EFT. Also find out a technique to create a dynamic future. * An in-depth analysis of the common missing ingredient in healing: forgiveness. Learn the exact misconceptions that hold people back. In addition to using EFT to forgive, included is a powerful easy-to-use forgiveness technique. * Dozens of transformational tips and insights on different key subjects from 12 leading EFT experts, and much, much more...

Strengthening the Soul of Your Leadership

Strengthening the Soul of Your Leadership Author Ruth Haley Barton
ISBN-10 0830869638
Release 2012-02-17
Pages 232
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"I'm tired of helping others enjoy God." "I just want to enjoy God for myself." With this painful admission, Ruth Haley Barton invites us to an honest exploration of what happens when spiritual leaders lose track of their souls. Weaving together contemporary illustrations with penetrating insight from the life of Moses, Strengthening the Soul of Your Leadership explores topics such as responding to the dynamics of calling facing the loneliness of leadership leading from your authentic self cultivating spiritual community reenvisioning the promised land discerning God's will together Each chapter includes a spiritual practice to ensure your soul gets the nourishment it needs. Forging and maintaining a life-giving connection with God is the best choice you can make for yourself and for those you lead.

Medicine of the Soul

Medicine of the Soul Author Bahram Elahi
ISBN-10 0845348752
Release 2001
Pages 159
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Medicine of the Soul has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Medicine of the Soul also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Medicine of the Soul book for free.

Plan Be

Plan Be Author Terry Hinkle
ISBN-10 1467838152
Release 2007-12-05
Pages 304
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Plan BE – Secrets of the Divine Feminine, explains the powerful information that Spirit gave to Terry Hinkle, and follows the personal process that he had to go through to be able to trust and have faith in his direct connection with Spirit. This evolutionary new book will show women how to Re-Connect again with their Divine Gifts and embrace the higher levels of the Universal Life Force Energy that’s available to them in infinite quantities. By entering into Plan BE, women will again Re-Member that they have a power and ability to Re-Connect to their natural source of healing power and sacred creative Energy in a way that no man can ever do. Spirit assured Terry that “...the shift away from the existing male dominated paradigm has begun. We are entering a new Golden Age where women will be safe to freely embrace their unique feminine gifts and create a powerful partnership with man. This equal balance of the Male and Female aspects of Universal Energy is needed now more than ever to help co-create a safer, healthier, and more prosperous world for us all.” Plan BE – Secrets of the Divine Feminine, also explains the process that a human must go through to reach the first of three levels of spiritual Ascension. This empowering spiritual and physical information that Spirit explained to Terry will help women consciously and subcosiously lose all of their unnecessary fears and judgments of self and of others. This personal centering in unconditional love will bring their empowered BEING: the balance of Body, Mind, and Soul, back together so that they will be able to effectively co-create at the highest level with Spirit and manifest the greatest life that could ever be imagined.

Conditioning Your Soul

Conditioning Your Soul Author Neil B. Wiseman
ISBN-10 0834117673
Release 1999
Pages 96
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Just as the star athlete must condition and tone his body for the game, so the pastor, the leader of spiritual life, must take time to condition his soul. 'Cultivating the God-shaped life' brings life-giving resources to the inner being that refresh the minister's own spirit and make him or her a channel of blessing to others.Conditioning Your Soul is a challenge to today's spiritual leaders to be authentic disciples of the Savior and to keep the relationship with Him alive and growing. And it provides twenty exercises to help the minister grow a sturdy soul.

Discover Your Soul Template

Discover Your Soul Template Author Marcus T. Anthony
ISBN-10 9781594778056
Release 2012-02-22
Pages 320
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How to create the life you want in alignment with your soul’s purpose • Reveal your soul aptitudes, limiting behaviors, and past-life karmic issues • Discover 14 easy-to-use spiritual tools to strengthen your intuition to profound levels and develop an inner source of guidance and wisdom for any situation • Learn why the Law of Attraction doesn’t work for most people and how to make it work for you Like an enlightened spiritual teacher, you, too, can tap in to the infinite wisdom of the cosmos to create a life of deep meaning and purpose. The key is integrated intelligence--your innate capacity, often experienced as “intuition,” to instantly draw upon knowledge beyond the confines of the five senses, from past, present, and future. Integrated intelligence enables not only a connection to the wisdom of the universe but also access to your soul template, revealing your self-limiting behaviors, karmic issues from past lives, and soul aptitudes--the abilities at which you excel. With knowledge of your soul template, you can successfully create the life you were meant to live in alignment with your soul’s purpose. Providing 14 easy-to-use spiritual tools to activate your integrated intelligence, Marcus Anthony shows you how to tap in to the wisdom of your soul template, distinguish the voice of ego from the voice of your inner sage, and strengthen your intuition to profound levels, thereby developing a trusted inner source of guidance. Explaining how the mind is not a shallow pond but an ocean of competing voices and energies, he reveals why the Law of Attraction doesn’t work for most people: any vision you attempt to manifest must be aligned with your soul template or the competing voices will act against it. Revealing how to bring the mind into presence to get “the secret” to work for you, Anthony shows how to use integrated intelligence to identify and live your true calling and create the life you want while fulfilling the deeper needs of your spirit.