The Interpretation of Cultures Text Only

The Interpretation of Cultures  Text Only Author Clifford Geertz
ISBN-10 9780008219475
Release 2016-09-29
Pages 356
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'One of the most articulate cultural anthropologists of this generation. Geertz has consistently attempted to clarify the meaning of 'culture' and to relate that concept to the actual behavior of individuals and groups.' -Elizabeth Colson, Contemporary Sociology

Local Knowledge Text Only

Local Knowledge  Text Only Author Clifford Geertz
ISBN-10 9780008219451
Release 2016-09-29
Pages 254
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The noted cultural anthropologist and author of 'The Interpretation of Cultures' deepens our understanding of human societies through the intimacies of 'local knowledge.'

Recovery of the Measure

Recovery of the Measure Author Robert C. Neville
ISBN-10 0791400999
Release 1989-08-15
Pages 369
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“The world is as we interpret it.” Arguing that this assumption is a major and pervasive error, Neville demonstrates that the world is the measure of our interpretations. Distinguishing two traditions of hermeneutics, the continental tradition focusing on the interpretation of texts and the American tradition on the interpretation of nature; Neville argues that, since interpretation itself is part of the natural world, a philosophical vision of nature must be restored to currency in order to provide an interpretive theory of the world that can be a measure of interpretation. The natural world must be construed richly enough to be inclusive of human intention and purpose. By taking the discussion of hermeneutics from the context of textuality and placing it within that of nature, Recovery of the Measure provides a non-modernist and non-postmodernist theory of interpretation. The first four chapters and the last four constitute a hermeneutical theory addressing contemporary problems of interpretation situated in the context of the philosophy of nature. The middle chapters provide a compact philosophy of nature dealing with being, identity, value, space, time, motion, and causation.

Marxism and the Interpretation of Culture

Marxism and the Interpretation of Culture Author Cary Nelson
ISBN-10 0252014014
Release 1988
Pages 738
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Marxism and the Interpretation of Culture has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Marxism and the Interpretation of Culture also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Marxism and the Interpretation of Culture book for free.

Empty Words

Empty Words Author Jay L. Garfield
ISBN-10 9780195146721
Release 2002
Pages 306
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This text is intended as a companion to Garfield's translation of The Fundamental Wisdom of the Middle Way, providing additional background, argument, and context.

Images of Thought

Images of Thought Author Jorge J. E. Gracia
ISBN-10 9780791493854
Release 2010-03-30
Pages 280
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Explores the relationship between philosophy and art through the work of Cuban American artist Carlos Estévez.

Communication Culture and Confrontation

Communication  Culture and Confrontation Author Bernard Bel
ISBN-10 9788132104865
Release 2010-01-20
Pages 504
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The third and final volume in the series on Communication Processes, Communication, Culture and Confrontation is a bold attempt at breaking conceptual and methodological impasses which stifle communication studies. Departing from established frameworks and dated technological metaphors such as 'transmission', the present volume explores and analyzes different forms of communication media in relation to the cultural configurations and contending forces that permeate them. Positioned at the interface of culture and communication studies, the discourse in the book engages with multiple voices, bringing together academic scholars and grassroot social animators. Exploring seven different popular cultural forms, such as rituals, songs, narratives, calendar art, pamphlets, and so on, through 18 case studies, it goes on to suggest a complex model of communication. In this framework, cultures cannot be viewed as items exchanged in the hegemonic space of global communication. Cultural configurations display themselves as 'evolutive' forms of social communication that weave human beings into collectives and bind these collectives with one another—all permeated with the power parameter. Cultures 'perform' viable collectives when they come to be apprehended in a field of contending forces: a milieu of exchange, encounter, confrontation and possibly conflict. This volume will be invaluable for students of communication, culture studies, sociology and journalism.

Asian Theology on the Way

Asian Theology on the Way Author Peniel Rajkumar
ISBN-10 9780281066728
Release 2013-04-05
Pages 192
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This book provides an introduction to theological thought on the Asian continent. It is ecumenical in scope with emphasis on the contemporary concerns within Asian theology and some attention to the development of these theologies. Regional and subject specialists will capture the ongoing conversation on Asian theology, incorporating new emphases, thrusts and trends, thus making the book a fresh and engaging introduction to Christian theology in Asia.

Interpreting Culture

Interpreting Culture Author Joseph D. Lewandowski
ISBN-10 0803229399
Release 2001
Pages 203
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Scholars have conducted the study of culture in two general ways: as an observer science, where behavior and world-views are measurable, rational, and subject to impartial examination; and as an interpretive art, where a scholar actually participates in the understanding of cultures. In view of increasingly manifest problems with both stances, Joseph D. Lewandowski proposes an alternative, one that capitalizes on the strengths of both schools of interpretation and in fact underpins the work of major social theorists of the modern era, including Adorno, Foucault, and Bourdieu. Gathering insights from a wide array of anthropologists, archaeologists, and philosophers and applying them to case studies in the United States, Lewandowski develops a practical model of culture and method of interpretation that are built around the concept of "constructing constellations." According to this concept?drawn from the work of Simmel, Kracauer, Benjamin, and Adorno?cultures are made up of social fields, embedded social practices that are continually created and patterned in certain ways, akin to constellations. The constellations of embedded actions and beliefs in different settings, such as ghetto life in New York or the world of boxing in Chicago, are, Lewandowski argues, observable, measurable, and ultimately comparable.

The Meaning of the Letter of Aristeas

The Meaning of the Letter of Aristeas Author Ekaterina Matusova
ISBN-10 9783647540436
Release 2015-05-20
Pages 172
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Ekaterin Matusova offers a new approach to the old problems of interpretation of the “Letter of Aristeas”. Chapter 1 deals with the question of the structure of the narrative. Matusova argues that at the time of Aristeas compositions of the kind of the Reworked Pentateuch, or Rewritten Bible were circulating in Egypt in parallel with the LXX and were a source of interpretations of the Hebrew text different from the LXX and of specific combinations of subjects popular in Second Temple Judaism. In particular, Matusova further argues that the leading principle of the composition of the Letter is that of the Reworked Deuteronomy, where subjects referring to the idea of following the Law among the gentiles were grouped together. The analysis is based on a broad circle of Jewish sources, including Philo of Alexandria and documents from the Qumran library. The principle of the composition discovered in this part of the study is referred to as the Jewish paradigm. Chapter 2 offers a new interpretation of the frame story in the narrative, i.e. of the story of the translation in the strict sense. Matusova shows that two paradigms are skilfully combined in this split story: the Jewish one, based on the Bible, and the Greek one, which involves Greek grammatical theory. She further argues that the story, when read in terms of Greek grammar, turns out to be a consistent story not of the translation, but of the correction of the LXX, which is important for our understanding of the early history of the translation. The analysis involves extensive excurses into Greek grammatical theory, including a discussion of Aristotle, Dionysius Thrax and other Hellenistic grammarians. In Chapter 3 Matusova tries to find the reason for the combination of these two paradigms, namely the Jewish biblical paradigm and the Greek grammatical ones, and to interpret their interconnected meaning, by placing it in the broad historical context of the Ptolemaic state.

And God Said let s Babel

And God Said   let s Babel Author Philip McCarty
ISBN-10 9781475965582
Release 2012-12
Pages 136
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While the ideal method of interpreting the Bible stirs great debate among theologians, seminarians, and intellectuals, average people living in a multicultural world are typically not very concerned with these debates; they just want to know how to understand the Bible. Led by the belief that God desires to communicate with each group in a culturally relevant and understandable way, author Philip McCarty offers a unique perspective as he examines the Bible as a cross-cultural text designed to speak to all people. McCarty, who earned degrees in Bible, religious education in pastoral studies, and Christian thought, begins with an in-depth analysis of the Bible and the role that translations play in communicating to multiple cultures. As he moves into a careful examination of the basics of hermeneutics and the ways in which God communicates with humans, McCarty encourages students of Scripture to ask the right questions and obtain the right answers. Finally, McCarty discusses why the Bible continues to be a pillar of the church community's culture and how its scripture connects to each individual. "And God Said, "Let's Babel"" offers valuable insight into why the Bible is a cross-cultural document, how that affects the church as a whole, and what all this knowledge means to spiritual seekers around the world.

The Meaning of Culture

The Meaning of Culture Author Kenneth Allan
ISBN-10 0275961249
Release 1998-01-01
Pages 192
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In review of the major theoretical approaches to culture, Allan argues that the structure of culture has been overemphasized and affect-meaning neglected. This approach to studying culture has as its basis the social construction of meaning and reality and emphasizes micro-level processes and emotion.

Philosophy A Text with Readings

Philosophy  A Text with Readings Author Manuel Velasquez
ISBN-10 9781285499888
Release 2013-01-01
Pages 672
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Engaging and compelling on every page, Velasquez's text helps you explore and understand philosophy while it helps you appreciate the relevance of philosophy to your day-to-day life and the larger social world. This trusted text combines clear prose and primary source readings to take you on a meaningful exploration of a range of philosophical topics, such as human nature, reality, truth, ethics, the meaning of life, diversity, and social/political philosophy. Carefully crafted built-in learning aids help you quickly master the material and succeed in your course. Important Notice: Media content referenced within the product description or the product text may not be available in the ebook version.

Mass Communications

Mass Communications Author Rowland Lorimer
ISBN-10 0719039460
Release 1994-01-01
Pages 318
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The rise of mass communications has fundamentally reshaped the modern world. In this comparative introduction, Lorimer surveys not only the different types of media and their attendant technologies, but the theories used to understand the subject. He provides an international perspective, drawing on examples from the UK, USA, Canada, Australia, Japan and various European countries.

Why trust the Bible

Why trust the Bible Author Amy Orr-Ewing
ISBN-10 9781844748563
Release 2012-12-17
Pages 144
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*Are the original manuscripts reliable? *What about other holy books? *Isn’t the Bible sexist? *What about all the wars? *How can I know? Sensitively yet convincingly, Amy Orr-Ewing addresses issues that represent hurdles to believing the Bible.

Jewish Biblical Interpretation and Cultural Exchange

Jewish Biblical Interpretation and Cultural Exchange Author Natalie B. Dohrmann
ISBN-10 9780812209457
Release 2013-06-18
Pages 352
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Biblical interpretation is not simply study of the Bible's meaning. This volume focuses on signal moments in the histories of scriptural interpretation of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam from the ancient period to the early modern, and shows how deeply intertwined these religions have always been.

Gadamer s Century

Gadamer s Century Author Hans Georg Gadamer
ISBN-10 0262632470
Release 2002
Pages 363
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A wide-ranging collection of philosophical essays in honor of Hans-Georg Gadamer.