The Spinning Heart

The Spinning Heart Author Donal Ryan
ISBN-10 1586422243
Release 2014-02-25
Pages 159
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The rural residents of the county of Tipperary deal in their own ways with the financial collapse of the Irish economy.

Post Celtic Tiger Landscapes in Irish Fiction

Post Celtic Tiger Landscapes in Irish Fiction Author Marie Mianowski
ISBN-10 9781315387888
Release 2016-11-03
Pages 196
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Post Celtic Tiger Landscapes in Irish Fiction discusses the representations of place and landscape in Irish fiction since 2008. It includes novels and short stories by William Trevor, Dermot Bolger, Anne Enright, Donal Ryan, Claire Kilroy, Kevin Barry, Gerard Donovan, Danielle McLaughlin, Trisha McKinney, Billy O’Callaghan and Colum McCann. In the light of writings by geographers, anthropologists and philosophers such as Doreen Massey, Tim Ingold, Giorgio Agamben and Jeff Malpas, this book looks at the metamorphoses of place and landscape representations in fiction by confirmed or debut authors, in the aftermath of a crisis with deep economic as well as cultural consequences for Irish society. It shows what place and landscape representations reveal of the past, while discussing the way notions such as boundedness, openness and emergence can contribute to thinking out space and place and designing future landscapes.

The Spinning Heart Classroom Questions

The Spinning Heart Classroom Questions Author Amy Farrell
ISBN-10 1910949035
Release 2015-07-24
Pages 44
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Scene by Scene guides are teaching resources. They are short books of questions, designed to save teachers time and lead to rewarding classroom experiences. Each guide is broken down by scene or chapter, to match and complement the text it accompanies. This means that the teacher is provided with a clear list of questions, at every stage of teaching the text. These questions can be used in class, or as homework, and so provide underlying structure to lesson planning. Classroom Questions teaching guides contain both closed, comprehension testing questions, and open, higher order questions, exploring student response, opinion and analysis. Closed questions can be used to check understanding and make sure students are on-task, while open questions promote thinking and reflection. In this way, Scene by Scene Classroom Questions keep students engaged with and focused on the text, and involved in classroom discussion. The Spinning Heart Classroom Questions is a teacher's resource intended for use in lesson planning, and in the classroom. It contains 248 questions to provoke student engagement and personal response while studying Donal Ryan's novel. Why choose to study The Spinning Heart by Donal Ryan? Themes of family, relationships, communication, loss. Set in the Irish countryside during the recent economic recession. Alternative perspectives, each chapter is written in a new voice, developing the story in layers. Examines the gulf between our public and private selves. Exciting, compelling plotline.

All We Shall Know

All We Shall Know Author Donal Ryan
ISBN-10 9781524704834
Release 2017-07-04
Pages 192
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A breathtaking and redemptive novel from the award-winning and Man Booker nominated author Donal Ryan Melody Shee is alone and in trouble. At 33 years-old, she finds herself pregnant with the child of a 17 year-old Traveller boy, Martin Toppy, and not by her husband Pat. Melody was teaching Martin to read, but now he’s gone, and Pat leaves too, full of rage. She’s trying to stay in the moment, but the future is looming, while the past won’t let her go. It’s a good thing that she meets Mary Crothery when she does. Mary is a bold young Traveller woman, and she knows more about Melody than she lets on. She might just save Melody’s life. Following the nine months of her pregnancy, All We Shall Know unfolds with emotional immediacy in Melody’s fierce, funny, and unforgettable voice, as she contends with her choices, past and present.

A Slanting of the Sun Stories

A Slanting of the Sun  Stories Author Donal Ryan
ISBN-10 9781473509948
Release 2015-09-24
Pages 240
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An old man looks into the fearful eyes of a burglar left to guard him while his brother is beaten; an Irish priest in a war-torn Syrian town teaches its young men the art of hurling; the driver of a car which crashed, killing a teenage girl, forges a connection with the girl’s mother; a squad of broken friends assemble to take revenge on a rapist; a young man sets off on his morning run, reflecting on the ruins of his relationship, but all is not as it seems. Donal Ryan’s short stories pick up where his acclaimed novels The Spinning Heart and The Thing About December left off, dealing with the human cost of loneliness, isolation and displacement. Sometimes this is present in the ordinary, the mundane; sometimes it is triggered by a fateful encounter or a tragic decision. At the heart of these stories, crucially, is how people are drawn to each other and cling on to love, often in desperate circumstances. In haunting and often startling prose, Donal Ryan has captured the brutal beauty of the human heart in all its hopes and failings.

The Spinning Heart Comparative Workbook HL17

The Spinning Heart Comparative Workbook HL17 Author Amy Farrell
ISBN-10 1910949469
Release 2016-02-15
Pages 110
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The Spinning Heart Comparative Workbook HL17 has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from The Spinning Heart Comparative Workbook HL17 also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full The Spinning Heart Comparative Workbook HL17 book for free.


Tender Author Belinda McKeon
ISBN-10 9781447242291
Release 2015-06-04
Pages 256
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Catherine and James are as close as two friends could ever be. They meet in Dublin in the late 1990s, she a college student, he a fledgling artist - both recent arrivals from rural communities, coming of age in a city which is teeming - or so they are told - with new freedoms, new possibilities. Catherine has never met anyone quite like James. Talented, quick-witted, adventurous and charismatic, he helps Catherine to open her eyes, to take on life with more gusto than she has ever before known how to do. But while Catherine's horizons are expanding, James's own life is becoming a prison: as changed as the new Ireland may be, it is still not a place in which he feels able to be himself. Catherine desperately wants to help, but as life begins to take the friends in different directions, she discovers that there is a perilously fine line between helping someone and hurting them further. And when crisis hits, Catherine must face difficult truths not just about her closest bond - but about herself. From the author of the multi-award-winning debut Solace comes another dazzling exploration of the complexities of human relationships, a novel about friendship and youth, about selfhood and sexuality, about the lies we tell ourselves and the lies we are taught to tell. Brave, moving and powerfully told, Tender confirms Belinda McKeon's status as one of the most exciting contemporary voices in Irish fiction.

A Short History of Ireland s Writers

A Short History of Ireland s Writers Author Prof. A. Norman Jeffares
ISBN-10 9781847176615
Release 2014-09-01
Pages 208
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An introduction to all the leading Irish writers and some of the lesser known playwrights, novelists, short story writers, poets, placing them in context and providing a list of their works. Commentaries give brief but telling insights into their work. The story of Irish writing is followed, beginning with Swift, and working through playwrights Synge and O’Casey to Beckett and Friel; from nineteenth-century poetry through Yeats to Seamus Heaney and Paul Durcan; in novels, from Maria Edgeworth, through Joyce, Elizabeth Bowen, Kate O’Brien, Flann O’Brien to contemporaries Julia O’Faolain, Roddy Doyle and Anne Enright.

Granta 135

Granta 135 Author Sigrid Rausing
ISBN-10 9781905881963
Release 2016-04-21
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Granta 135 is a snapshot of contemporary Ireland, which shows where one of the world's most distinguished and independent literary traditions is today. Here international stars rub shoulders with a new generation of talent from a country which keeps producing exceptional writers. This issue features Kevin Barry on Cork, 'as intimate and homicidal as a little Marseille'; Lucy Caldwell imagining forbidden first love in Belfast; an exclusive extract of Colm Tóibín's next novel, about growing up in the shadow of a famous father; fiction from Emma Donaghue about Victorian Ireland's miraculous fasting girls; and Sara Baume describing the wild allure and threat of the rural landscape. Also featuring fiction from Colin Barrett, John Connell, Mary O'Donoghue, Roddy Doyle, Siobhán Mannion, Belinda McKeon, Sally Rooney, Donal Ryan and William Wall; poetry from Tara Bergin, Leontia Flynn and Stephen Sexton; photography by Doug DuBois, Stephen Dock and Birte Kaufmann; with original portraits of the authors in their environment by acclaimed street photographer Eamonn Doyle.

Burial Rites

Burial Rites Author Hannah Kent
ISBN-10 9781447233183
Release 2013-08-29
Pages 256
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SHORTLISTED FOR THE BAILEYS WOMEN'S PRIZE FOR FICTION 2014. SHORTLISTED FOR THE 2013 GUARDIAN FIRST BOOK AWARD. SHORTLISTED FOR THE INTERNATIONAL IMPAC DUBLIN LITERARY AWARD 2015. Northern Iceland, 1829. A woman condemned to death for murdering her lover. A family forced to take her in. A priest tasked with absolving her. But all is not as it seems, and time is running out: winter is coming, and with it the execution date. Only she can know the truth. This is Agnes's story.

Follow the Spinning Sun

Follow the Spinning Sun Author Leandro Thomas Gonzales
ISBN-10 9781611392388
Release 2014-02-07
Pages 288
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Living in one of the most beautiful places on Earth, the Anasazi Indians enjoyed a good and bountiful life. Yet, for some reason, they abandoned their village and all that remains are the ruins of Tyuoni at the Bandelier National Monument in New Mexico. In this work of fiction, Jopin, an eighty year-old elder desperate for an answer, embarks on a prayer quest that takes him on a chain of events which will unveil the fate of Tyuoni. Deer-tracker, his pre-teen grandson, and Knee-nose, a young spotted deer, help Jopin deal with Chief Salamander’s questionable actions and motives as the tribe journeys on a treacherous and intriguing odyssey. In his story, the author strives to demonstrate how a significant religious event could have influenced the people to abandon their majestic village, join the Great Migration, and follow the spinning sun to their new homeland, even though popular belief purports that the Anasazi vanished because of war, severe drought, or famine. The wonder of living in such an extraordinary time and place will provoke interest in the age-old mystery of what really happened.

To Seduce a Witch s Heart A Novel of Love and Magic

To Seduce a Witch   s Heart  A Novel of Love and Magic Author Nadine Mutas
Release 2017-08-11
Pages 366
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To Seduce a Witch s Heart A Novel of Love and Magic has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from To Seduce a Witch s Heart A Novel of Love and Magic also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full To Seduce a Witch s Heart A Novel of Love and Magic book for free.

Dear Stranger

Dear Stranger Author
ISBN-10 9781405922128
Release 2015-07-02
Pages 256
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'Dear Stranger is an inspiration' Stylist Dear Stranger is a collection of inspirational, honest and heartfelt letters from authors, bloggers and Mind ambassadors to an imagined stranger. Insightful and uplifting, Dear Stranger is a humbling glimpse into different interpretations of happiness, and how despite sometimes seeming unobtainable happiness can, in the smallest of ways, become and achievable goal. No one should face a mental health problem alone. Whether it's on a doorstep, on the end of a telephone or online, Mind is there for everyone who is experiencing a mental health problem. All profits from the sale of this book (at least £3 for every copy sold) will be donated to Mind, a registered charity number 219830. **** 'Dear Stranger is an inspiration' Stylist 'An inspirational book' Sunday Express S Magazine 'This collection cuts right to the heart of what it means to be happy - and human. . . . Dear Stranger is a thoughtful exploration of happiness, in all it's wonderful, often elusive complexity, that all of us can learn something from' Red Magazine Online 'An incredibly thought-provoking read' Sun 'Beautifully written letters from the heart' Lady Magazine Full list of contributors: Fiona Phillips; Martha Roberts; Francesca Martinez; Rachel Joyce; Donal Ryan; Matt Haig; Philippa Rice; Naomi Alderman; Yuval Noah Harari; Ilona Burton; Rowan Coleman; Ellen White; Abbie Ross; Giles Andreae; Conn Iggulden; Seaneen Molloy-Vaughan; Genevieve Taylor; Thomas Harding; Jez Alborough; Caitlin Moran; Blake Morrison; Nicci French; Jo Elworthy; John Lewis-Stempel; Chris Riddell; Tessa Watt; Helen Dunmore; Alain de Botton; Deborah Levy; Kevin Bridges; Marian Keyes; Nicholas Allan; Nick Harkaway; Edward Stourton; Eoin Colfer; Shirley Hughes; Santham Sanghera; Alexandra Fuller; Daniel Levitin; Claire Greaves; Arianna Huffington; Richard Branson; Molly Pearce; Nicholas Pinnock; Tim Smit; Tony Parsons; Dave Chawner; @Sectioned__; Professor Lord Richard Layard;

Alternative Countrysides

Alternative Countrysides Author Jeremy MacClancy
ISBN-10 9780719096846
Release 2015
Pages 186
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This volume takes a fresh anthropological look at a central but neglected topic: the profound changes in rural life throughout Western Europe today. As locals leave for jobs in cities, they are replaced by a variety of incomers including neo-hippies, lifestyle-seekers, eco-activists and rural labour migrants from beyond the EU. Contributors to this book examine the consequences of these major shifts in rural populations, and analyse the creation of new modes of living rurally and emerging forms of social organisation. As incomers' dreams come face to face with residents' realities, they detail the clashes, the misunderstandings and the forms of cooperation between groups of old and new residents. The essays within this book provide detailed ethnographic examinations, drawn from areas in Ireland, France, Spain, the Basque Country and Italy, of the unexpected, myriad ways in which contemporary rural life is developing. The contributions critically investigate regionalists' politicisation of rural life, rurality and heritage, and discuss the ways locals take advantage of EU monies to prop up existing hierarchies, or to challenge them profoundly. By making us rethink 'the rural', they reconceptualise the encounter of the rural and the urban. Written by an international collection of well-established social anthropologists, the studies reveal the power of a 'bottom-up' approach. They expose the on-the-ground consequences of and reactions to grand EU-restructuring policies, which at times threaten to turn the countryside into a manicured playground for escapee urbanites. As a novel, significant contribution to our understanding of rural lives in Western Europe today, this book will appeal to academics and students in anthropology, migrations studies, human geography and rural sociology.

The Tattooed Heart A Messenger of Fear Novel

The Tattooed Heart  A Messenger of Fear Novel Author Michael Grant
ISBN-10 9781780312606
Release 2015-08-27
Pages 416
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‘Be afraid ... this book gave me chill after chill’ – R. L. Stine on Messenger of Fear. I wanted to touch the boy who was not to be touched. The Messenger of Fear exists to punish the wicked, to restore balance in a world where evil seems to be everywhere. He offers sinners one terrible choice: play . . . or pay? If you win the game, you can go free. But if you lose, you must live out your greatest fear. His assistant, Mara is still adjusting to her role. She must face the worst horrors of intolerance, cruelty and injustice: she, as much as any of the people Messenger pursues, is being punished. But Mara has secret feelings for Messenger, and they’re threatening to overpower her. As she learns more about his tragic past, she must make her own choice: how far will she go to gain her heart’s desire? This enthralling sequel to Messenger of Fear promises just as many heart stopping moments as its predecessor. These books contain all the thrills and surprises that you know to expect from the Man who brought you the GONE series. Fans of Tom Hoyle's Thirteen will love this. Look out for Michael's latest intense thriller, Front Lines. Praise for GONE: ‘These are exciting, high-tension stories told in a driving, torrential narrative that never lets up ... This is great fiction.’ Stephen King. Michael Grant has lived an exciting, fast-paced life. He moved in with his wife Katherine after only 24 hours. He has co-authored over 160 books but promises that everything he writes is like nothing you’ve ever read before!

The Thing about December

The Thing about December Author Donal Ryan
ISBN-10 9781781620090
Release 2014
Pages 207
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'He heard Daddy one time saying he was a grand quiet boy to Mother when he thought Johnsey couldn't hear them talking. Mother must have been giving out about him being a gom and Daddy was defending him. He heard the fondness in Daddy's voice. But you'd have fondness for an auld eejit of a crossbred pup that should have been drowned at birth.' While the Celtic Tiger rages, and greed becomes the norm, Johnsey Cunliffe desperately tries to hold on to the familiar, even as he loses those who all his life have protected him from a harsh world. Village bullies and scheming land-grabbers stand in his way, no matter where he turns. Set over the course of one year of Johnsey's life, The Thing About December breathes with his grief, bewilderment, humour and agonizing self-doubt. This is a heart-twisting tale of a lonely man struggling to make sense of a world moving faster than he is. Donal Ryan's award-winning debut, The Spinning Heart, garnered unprecedented acclaim, and The Thing About December confirms his status as one of the best writers of his generation.

Best Life

Best Life Author
Release 2008-03
Pages 148
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Best Life magazine empowers men to continually improve their physical, emotional and financial well-being to better enjoy the most rewarding years of their life.